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Do you get fed up with your bombs landing two feet next to the target, exploding, doing zero damage?

Don´t. Just smash these big boys right into it. They´ll blow up the target immidiately on impact. 

And, you don´t have to care about the fuse settings either. Plus, you´ll get a second explosion for free when your bombs go off. :lol:




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That´s a nice line up... 😍


For some strange reason, all of a sudden I got awefully close to @Scott_CZ.

Once 11 tons are on the move, they don´t just stop.

So my A-20 have had to take off, whether she liked it or not.

Flaps help in that situation. Hence I usually take off with them deployed... :pilot:



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7523065ECFD4CB74B2C7B415498BF464A7B0578C (1920×1080)


5A45DAEAB14A1D143E188E90F0A802C843939FF7 (1920×1080)


0AC98B344F677BCC19A56CA536A38C8028431A45 (1920×1080)

You can see the difference in paint textures on wood or metal. This flat olive drab/green is particularly solid and strongly pigmented too. US supplied paint? The shade looks right

30148A4249D0675388073783BBD5DA2B08DD1AF9 (1920×1080)


06F1524891AEBAF76BB732815E46AE83CA5A37D3 (1920×1080)

Found the Barmalay Fountain at last. I will try and get some better pics in a Po2 later.

9464C33853A25166E37057C6C91ABFEFA7C22D43 (1920×1080)


D0582685C653044E788AD0E72EF32530D88ABC7D (1920×1080)

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On 6/16/2020 at 5:05 PM, Pierre64 said:

My own Spitfire Mk. I... Hispano guns removed after editing the alpha layer.





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On 6/16/2020 at 6:05 PM, Pierre64 said:

My own Spitfire Mk. I... Hispano guns removed after editing the alpha layer.



Awesome! Will you share that with us? 😄

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12 hours ago, 6FG_Big_Al said:

Will you share that with us? 😄

Thank you for your interest. Here is a link to a .rar including two files.


- a skin of a generic "sort of" Mk. I (from ICDP's template),

- and the .psd layer  to add to the original alpha, making guns (more or less) transparent. 

(On the generic skin, red tapes covering the eight 0.303 guns are unfinished and, of course, wings bulges of Hispanos 20 mm, fishtail exhausts and  Rotol propeller and spinner are not modified.)


Edited by Pierre64
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Some pictures of the Battle of BRITAIN '41 by ITALIANWING, the 17th June 2020.



Protecting the "Stuka Boys" (my mates ;) ), on their first Bombing run.



The boats are destroyed



Close call with that Spitfire ! I'll get the kill, but my track stopped, i didnt record it.



-IRRE- Schwarzy and I managed to land at "Marquise", almost out of fuel, and with damaged planes.



Second bombing run, target is Dover's port.



Dogfights are bloody down there... I killed a Spitfire, and badly damaged a P40









A YArriKane is chasing -IRRE- Axurit. I drop my P40, and come to help my wingman. I kill the YArriKane, but a P40 hits my radiator.











We are extracting from combat area. -IRRE- Schwarzy have to land in the sea. -IRRE- Axurit and I managed to come back to Saint Omer, but my engine stopped. I'll glide to the base and land successfully.







Thanks for the flight, enjoyed it a lot ! See you in a few days guys !



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