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Long story short..Its been a while since i've flown the Box series but shortly after the latest patch i fired her up and was really enjoying my time again.

I saw a giveaway thread hosted by the Doctor and i thought id apply.

Unbeknown to me until just a few hrs ago id received a free yes free gift of BOBP Premium from another member of this brilliant community,i never expected it at all and to say im absolutely overwhelmed is an understatement.

That man was John_ Yossarian. I cannot thank you enough John and here,s some screenies from BOBP..Thank you







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29 minutes ago, -=-THERION said:

Didn't know that Superman was also a pilot...


Haha honest THERION that was my exact thought when I saw his pose. :biggrin:I managed to just grab the shot at the perfect time.

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What do you guys listen to while flying when the servers are dead? This is my jam!


After the landing gear are up that was all in one flight. But there is a reason why the video doesn't end with me safely landing. My poor p-38 ended up on the river bed :(




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19 hours ago, actionjoe said:




I've been trying to recreate this sort of 'IL-2 formation over battlefield' shot since the old IL-2, love it! Also, I really like the tilted camera, it looks quite professional.

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Some of you may know the problem when your squadron camo is to close to the default skins. Some of our guys had this problem and so we had to ditch our beloved skin. :(  But I think we found a suitable replacement.  The story behind this picture will be published soon so stay tuned!


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On 4/27/2020 at 1:11 PM, Lemsip said:


I've been trying to recreate this sort of 'IL-2 formation over battlefield' shot since the old IL-2, love it! Also, I really like the tilted camera, it looks quite professional.

Thank you, I admit I have been quite lucky with this formation, as it was an AI flight that appears to pass just at the right spot ;)
Some more over the Rhine.






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As promised the story comes today :)


Yesterday we got into our brand new P-51s with the mission to defend the Ludendorf bridge.

One of us, @6FG_Moonbeam, was already close to the target area so @6FG_Kordd and myself startedin pair to meet up with Moonbeam over the target.


Successfully united we began to draw our circles. Vigilant and ready. The situation seemed quiet until suddenly we saw a tracer flying over the woods


A Fw had just won the dogfight against a P-47 - unfortunately we were too late. But apparently the 190 had not expected us. He rolled just in time to avoid some of the shots from Kord...


While Kord passed him and the Focke just started to pull after him...I unleashed my hail of bullets...


A couple of solid hits in the pulpit and the butcher bird tumbled to the ground... Nevertheless, we didn't waste any time and re-formed, there would be more to come for sure


Just when we were back on altitude and position we saw the flak guns firing like crazy!  A 109 flew a jabo attack on the bridge. We quickly faced the threat. The pilot fought well, but at the end he fell victim to the same maneuver like the 190... he had been baited.


Unfortunately there was a small accident, because Moonbeam, who hit the 109 very well, unfortunately came way too close. Only moments later the wing of the G6 scrapped his propeller and so Moonbeam transformed the Cadillac of the skies into a very expensive sailplane...


Despite this event, Kord and I continued patrolling and the region became hot! Suddenly there were more attacks on our positions in quick succession. Kord got behind a D9 and while I was covering him and after a short fight he killed the Kraut... But we were not allowed to rest, because the next enemy had already appeared...


A 110 was attacking ground targets! Promptly we began with targeted attacks, but avoided to fall victim to the enemy tail gunner.  In the end the Bf lost its rear controls, thanks to Kords help.


At the end we had a fight with a K4 which brought us to our limits. In the end it didn't help him because he ended up in a fireball. Nevertheless our mission was over, Kord was slightly hit by the K4, only little ammunition and fuel left and it didn't look better on my side. So we flew home.



I hope you enjoyed the pictures and this story about our mission. Unfortunately I couldn't upload all the pictures I had from the flight, but I made some close-ups which you can find here if you want 😄 https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/52924-6th-fighter-group-join-us-now/?do=findComment&comment=929473


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6 minutes ago, Adger said:

Wow beautiful clear shots Big Al,...stunning ,is there any chance you would share your graphic settings ? Box series looks phenomenal at times. :drinks:

Thank your very much! 😄 Sure i can but there is nothing special.^^ No Reshade etc. The "only" thing i did was turning on HDR but disabling the Bloom effect in the startup.cfg (for spotting). Apart from that, it's just like the screenshot :):pioneer:




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