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Mig-3, Moscow campaign. Loaded with no more than 50% fuel and sporting underwing conformal pods with a pair of 12.7 BS, this is a capable enough fighter and can hold it's own against a Bf109F4. Longer missions probably best to drop the underwing pods.


Not a lot of love for this plane, but I like her.


I still like a spin in my I-16, which with a pair of 20mm ShVaks, can look after itself too.


I give you 'La mosca, la fuerza aérea republicana Española...'


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In other Rhineland News, de Saint-Exupéry reviews the new Kodachrome ASA 400, Type A (ASA 12.7/20 mm) film stating, "Princely performance", while test model, Fritz Möller was less than enthusiastic.


I'm careful about the paint (the paint don't usually enter into it), Rap, but, honor bright, it's more the ventilation and bending of parts big enough to have Serial Numbers that seems to be my major downfall. Got Comprehensive Assurance, though.


and,....that's a Rap. Both are, actually.


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15 hours ago, ICDP said:




I have been waiting for the bombers to get some love from you! Your work just keeps getting better and better man!


Are these pics using the new shading or the current version?

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