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Vassili: „So after one hour of flying, doing a bit of bombing, being thrown around in my navigators place

and puking my guts out because you went berserk at the controls, what do we end up with?


Knut: „Both gunners killed, one engine dead, the other one about to die. Controls are shot, rudder blown away,

we are leaking fuel like mad… but the clock is correct.“


Vassili: „So how do you call that then?“


Knut: „Going down in style.“ 😉



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Hi to all guys,

something really strange it's happening all around the world, so big that had effect also in flight simulator's world.
So, as italians, we are really involved in this.

Corona it's a costant in our mind, we are sorrounded by this topic during our days, during our nights, during our "eatpasta" moments and also during our time in flight.
We really belive that everything will be ok, but we are living a weird situation.

On our YouTube channel a follower asked us to make a video like "Frecce Tricolori", for support our country in this silly time.

That's why we want to propose you a NotChallenge.
What is this? Easy to explain.

1) It's not a challenge.

2) It's a little way to show our love to the whole community in this difficult moment.

3) Simply, what you have to do it's to record a formation flight with colour of your country (or whatever you want).

4) We tried to do some aereobatic, but it's really not necessary (neither easy!).. We did our best, but we are sure there will be somebody better than us and somebody worst. We really don't care.
Our only goal it's to involve as many others groups as possibile in this videos and, why not, to do a compilation them. We hope it's a simple way for this community to show a little bit of love to everybody, to remeber that we really like to make holes in enemy airplanes, but we are always ready to hug them when needed.

Thanks to all those who want to partecipate,
and a special "Grazie mille" to @JimTM that helped us editing the mission!


(If you want to watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-LotC_ocN4&t=2s)





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13 hours ago, Birdman said:

dogfighting in 111s?!


Set up a single player QMB 1v1 one some time.  Set the difficulty to Random and the enemy waves to infinite.  Set your ammo to unlimited too.  Eventually, you will see what the 111 can do.  Also works for the Bf-110 and Ju-88.

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