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56 RAF head out on a strike.  Four P51s escorted by four Spit IXs.  I just love multi-plane ops even if they are not successful.  This one met its objectives in that it destroyed 16 parked aircraft and 6 buildings and other smaller targets though we lost two P51s.





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Yoo-hoo friends,
unfortunately I couldn't post anything here for a long time since I was unavailable. But now there is a little report about an operation 😄 I hope you like it!
Besides today's story, there is also a report about a Fw 190 attack, if you are interested :)



We started our flight in the Lightning in order to strafe the enemy airfield at Ettinghausen.


Since we wanted to stay undetected we climbed up to 14000 feet


We dived in a shallow angle towards the target and released our little friends....


But the guys from the airfield defence didn't liked that much and they started to send their own gifts..


Fortunately, with some delay, a second pair of our lightnings joined us to assist us!


In the end we four started our way home.


Unfortunately the mission was over before we could land. After the map change we had Kuban and decided for a small intercept flight....


Our target? Intercept and destroy the enemy group of coastal ships as quickly as possible! We gained only as much altitude as necessary and separated into two pairs...


Then we unleashed the thunder! Our bombs hit the boats and our 8 x 50 cals did the rest...


But we were not the only ones in the airspace. One of our visitors tried it head on...


A little too close, if you ask me^^


Unfortunately we were involved in a fight with two Bf 110 afterwards. One machine was damaged, but could save itself. Our commander collided with one of the 110s and damaged the other one. I took revenge on the 110s and they shared his fate...


I hope you enjoyed it :)

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2 minutes ago, Psyrion said:





That one would make an awesome signature!


Interesting times - Scharfi flying a bomber.


10 hours ago, MiGCap said:



"Try to follow me in that Pee-51 hur hur hur."

Gets PKed 30s later...

- MiG "I always damage my engines" CAP, ladies and gentlemen 😜

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