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Extended fire effect for all vehicles (Updated)


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(Updated compatible with version 4.002)

Due to changes in the game's damage modeling and script files, I have updated this MOD. Now it works as it should.


Hi everyone!
Now it will burn completely! and for that I offer my extended fire effect for more fun and because it was requested.

This MOD will extend all vehicles (not statics) and tanks (not derivable) burning effect times (fire effect) up to 15 minutes.
The fire files are also modified too.

If the vehicle crashes against any house or other things then will not catch fire or it will take longer time !
why? I do not know! Because the burning time has increased and the game usually removes the damage/ed model

after a little more than 5-6 minutes (less than extended burning time), the damage/ed model will disappear during the extended burn time!
So you have to edit your missions in the mission builder, you have to uncheck "Delete after Death" option in Vehicle
Advanced box. for all your missions and re save them, if you want this MOD to work properly.2019_3_11__1_7_22.thumb.jpg.2dff4bade67efb975886e4391dfa11ad.jpg



Download (Updated compatible with version4.002) :



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Very nice mod! But in the latest updates of the game, trucks have become practically unkillable. I'm not sure that everyone has a problem or just me. When the mod turns on the trucks absorb many shots from a cannon (for example, La-5), and if it is turned off, the trucks are normally destroyed. Is it possible to somehow combine the new model of damage to ground-based equipment with your mod?

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And here I was thinking that it was just my imagination, glad somebody else thinks so too.

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I have long doubted. I thought I was shooting badly. Already wanted to write about the problem to the developers.:)  But first checked in quick flight. This mod is very like. I wish there was an opportunity to use it.

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On 11/27/2019 at 7:04 AM, FurphyForum said:


I meant to pass this along however I forgot. This mod now causes a CTD.

Updated and tested offline now compatible with version 4.002! 

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