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clipped wing spitfires

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15 hours ago, Bremspropeller said:

Isn't the difference between clipped and non-clipped just the bolt-on wing-tip?

In that case, mods could be performed quickly, given sufficient stocks of replacement tips.


"Quickly" in this case was about 9 man-hours if I remember rightly.

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Now, those are obviously Mk. IX, but I thought it was curious to see square and round tips side-by-side in the same squadron:




Note 1: The dude bloke at 5:26 is so cool, he probably had special shoes made for him so he doesn't slip and fall when it rains back in England.


Note 2: What's that contraption the bloke dude is swinging to signal take-off-clearance to the Jugs at the end of the clip?

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