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No tower movement

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I just having this issue. I cannot rotate the tower. When I am in the gunner position, press right mouse button so I am at sight view... and then press T to enter tower movement, I cannot rotate with mouse or Shift+mouse as the controls says. Even When I put a controller as a joystick the tower don't move.

Only movement comes when I press numerical numbers, but also that moves the vision from the sight to a black area.... (like rotating the head)

Well.. I hope there is a new control tab for tanks in future.. and allow to use a joystick to control the tower, as in Steel Beast. Thanks!


Also there is another issue that comes from IL2. I am using 3 screens... the aspect ratio for some sights and map is cut of them and very zoomed.. and I cannot un-zoom them. Hope that is fixed in future. Thanks.


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