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Tonight my Platoon of Shermans had its' revenge. We sneaked out of the woods and remained hull down behind the rolling hills and picked off 4 Panzer IVs and 1 Panther. I had 3 kills from the gunners seat after leading and positioning us in a line formation. Lots of Fun tonight!





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Operation Revenge!

My Platoon of Shermans rolled out of the dense forest, slowly creeping up the rolling hill, and I ordered each of the tank commanders to find a hull down position from which to initiate the battle. I called on the intercom to my loader Comrade Egor,

"Нагрузка бронебойно-фугасным снарядом". Just as our Shermans came to the crest of the grassy hill, the rounds began to fly hot and heavy over the tops of our tanks.Thirty minutes earlier I had seen three Stukas with no eggs fly over us. I supposed they were en route to return to their base, but I had to believe that the Kette leader had reported our position to the Hun tankers. Over the radio I gave the order for all gunners to openly engage the enemy at will. I was confident that the Huns were now expecting us. As we began to crest the hill, I could now plainly see their tanks through my periscope, but I had to yield my instinctual call to have my Sherman halt . Only my main gunner Comrade Ivan's view of the battlefield was what mattered now. Once he was able to target a Kraut's tank, he would order our driver Comrade Andrey to stop. I called out the targets as I spotted them with my periscope. Two Panzer IVs,...... no three and one Panther, wait,..... four Panzer IVs and one Panther Comrade Ivan! Only moments later, the command came from him, "Cton!!!"



Comrade Ivan fired his first round at the trailing Panzer IV in the column. I observed the failure of the shot and reported it to him on the the intercom,"round short, two meters!" Comrade Ivan immediately yelled at Comrade Egor over the intercom, "Егор Торопитесь! Еще один раунд, спешите! Comrade Ivan readjusted his main gun elevation and the call came from Comrade Egor, "круглый вверх!" Comrade Ivan immediately fired his second salvo. This one hit the mantlet of the Panzer IV square on, and the tank immediately proceeded to move forward at a slow pace! We did not receive a return round so I surmised that Comrade Ivan must have disabled their aiming optics. The Panzer Iv's turret was no longer traversing as it began to pick up speed, thus confirming my deduction about the disabled gun sight or possibly injured crew within the Panzer IV.  As they began to move down the road, the next Panzer IV in line was hit by a round and altogether exploded. One of my other Sherman crews had just taken the first kill of the day. Comrade Alexi came over the radio from tank two, "Мы победили!"



The Panzer IV which Comrade Ivan was attempting to target was at present determined to move and position his tank behind the now utterly destroyed Panzer IV to the front of him. He wisely tried to use the heavily smoking hulk as cover for his tank and crew.



As this Kraut tank Commander moved his tank for cover, smoke now bellowed from its' aft end as another round from one of my fellow tank's Comrade gunners struck it squarely near the rear end. This Panzer IV kept moving but at a slowed pace, and Comrade Ivan now finished it off with one more armor piercing high explosive round sent directly between the turret and hull. Over the intercom we all heard Comrade Ivan loudly and excitedly  express, "Победа!"



Comrade Ivan had scored a direct hit on the Panzer IV causing the turret to lift upwards over one meter on one side before dropping back to the deck of the now destroyed German tank. The fireball was immense and displayed the destructive power of the armor piercing high explosive rounds which our Sherman's employed. No tanker could have survived this brutal assault.



Comrade Ivan encouraged Comrade Egor to hasten the next round into the breach as he took aim at a Panther tank, "Торопись, Егор! Пантера! Пантера!" The Panther was not moving and gave no appearance of being engaged in the battle at hand. As I viewed the Panther through my periscope, I observed the crew seemingly running away from their tank. Possibly it was inoperable? No matter, I immediately commanded Comrade Ivan to destroy it quickly. He took careful aim slightly below the upper run of the starboard track and just aft of mid hull. The armor piercing round entered the Panther through one of its' weakest points and struck the Hun's main gun ammunition inside of the Panther.



The explosion was immense! The fireball shot fifteen meters in all directions as the turret was heaved six meters off of the burning hull. Blinded temporarily from the intense flash, I pulled away from my periscope to clear my sight, but I continued to verbally encourage Comrade Ivan to continue hunting the Huns. Moments later, as I took sight through my periscope once again, I saw the turret of the Panther lying on the ground in front of the smoldering hulk. If my hunch about the Panther crew was correct, then this was their lucky day because no one would have walked away from that impact.


Moments earlier I had commanded tanks 4, 5 and 6 to move three hundred yards to our port side at full speed  behind the cover of the hills. Then they were to make a left flanking maneuver to help close this engagement down for good. One of my platoon's Shermans, to my starboard side, had taken a hit and hastily backed out of the fight. My wing man and I pressured the Huns to engage our two Shermans so that we could cover our Comrades while they carried out their flanking maneuver. All during this time German rounds were hitting short and kicking up dirt clouds to our bow along with the screaming sound of salvos missing us high overhead. My Platoon was in the superior position and we had caught the Huns out in the open. As Comrade Ivan and my wing man's gunner both put rounds on the Panzer IV almost directly in front of us, I witnessed, through my periscope, the commander of this Panzer IV running away from his tank.




While I viewed the commander's escape on foot, I also observed the driver as he began to climb from the port side turret hatch to attempt to run from his doomed tank. Comrade Ivan then sent another round into that Panzer IV, and I saw the body of the Kraut driver thrown clear as the tank was disabled. We would soon find him dead on the sandy road when we rolled up on the scene. My wing man and the flanking Shermans pumped  more rounds into the final Panzer IV which then exploded with quite a display of fireworks as some of the rounds cooked off in the burning hulk. That was the proper end to this tank battle. I popped on the intercom and said, "Иван, это для тебя три убийства! Вы опытный стрелок. Я рад, что на твоей стороне!" This had been a fierce battle, and we were Victorious because of our element of surprise and for the reason that we kept our Shermans in a superior hull down position that gave us a strong advantage. Five victories and only one Sherman lightly damaged was quite acceptable for being pitted against a formidable enemy such as the Panzer IV and the Panther. The Germans were a worthy opponent, but woe to them as they were a disdained enemy whom we hated fiercely for there heinous crimes against the Motherland! Our revenge was only beginning, and we would see it through until the complete destruction of our hated foe was achieved.

For the Motherland Comrades!



Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this little AAR. I am no tanker guru so if I made any blaring tanking errors please forgive my ignorance.



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Posted (edited)

And let this be a lesson to you boys and girls. Always paint your Tiger! Never leave it out in the rain while bare naked!

These are some pictures from mission 5 of the exciting Belgorod Campaign created by Tigre88.:clapping:



Pulling up beside my wing man to coordinate our strategy so as to assure our coming victory!



Two Tigers clawing their way up the slope about to crest a hilltop and lay waste to several T34s.



What is there to say? The awesome firepower of the Tiger's heavy assault cannon!:ph34r:



Let the carnage begin!



Passing the burned out hull of one of our brothers tanks, I scour the landscape searching for our next conquest.



One more from my quick mission in the Panzer III. Surveying the damage I inflicted upon the resupply truck convoy which I caught on open ground.


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Just a short video of a small segment of our combined arms mission this past week.  I'm in R01 in this...and you can see that I am searching desperately to find some cover...as my cohorts get wasted.  Tough going......

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this flag in Jade's Sherman mission looks weird, but promising to take away as trophy. Tried to shoot it, no way though ...


Nazi flag.jpg

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