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Tank Crew Screenshots and Videos

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 WIP 🙂




If the campaign will be nice as the pic above it will be surely a nice one! Keep up the good work and keep us informed about this very interesting campaign! Salute!



*Note: Uniform political symbols blurred.










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1 hour ago, Voidhunger said:


With AT guns?

There will be many mine fields 🙂 , if you mean the picture,  this is battery insignia of Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung 197

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A summary of sorts of the first hour of our three hour Battle for Schmidt the other week with our friends from JG1 and several other players.  Germans forward observers were right on the money.....



Higher res to show the crews bailing out of tanks in the middle of a fire fight with MkIV's who have the roadway blocked.



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It reminded me the Pershing named Fireball.

(for those who dont know: https://www.reddit.com/r/DestroyedTanks/comments/il9ae6/elsdorf_26_february_1945_pershing_fireball_was/)


An incredible lucky shot from the T34 right into the my optics. I have experienced this for the first time.

If its not the bug, then its really good. 👍 I really like the Panther because its not invincible even from the front and you cant stand your ground in front of the enemy for too much long.

The round on the first picture is the one from the T34.


The subsequent explosion of the tank its not so awesome, but lets not spam this thread with damage model.😶












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On 11/17/2020 at 5:48 AM, GALM=Leftenant_Gerald said:

"What happened to you?"

"Uh, the bridge spawned in while we were going across the river and now we're stuck like this."

"Good luck getting unskewered"



Reminds me of the time when I was on a bridge as it was destroyed by 'engineers'



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Today I had a lot of fun multcrewing a tank with my friends, here are some pics!


STUGs are just mobile cover, change my mind 😁


One time I painted a golden KV-1s skin for fun - doesn't help with armor that much tho


The three Stooges




Tiger driver discovering how useless the additional armor plates are



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I finally am giving TC a run through. Up to this time I was using the keyboard and mouse, but yesterday I took the time to set my controls up to use my Crosswinds to steer left and right, my throttle to well, throttle forward and reverse and my joystick to control the turret. I also assigned every command to my joysticks except 2  or 3 commands. What a difference that makes. Just having the turret control assigned to my joystick is so much better than using the mouse. I am also using Syn_Vander's TC Quick Mission Builder and that is a nice addition to TC as well. Here are a few pics from a skirmish mission I setup with 6 Shermans against 5 Panzer IVs and one Panther I think it was. My Platoon managed to take out two Panzers but in the process we basically got slaughtered. The point is, I HAD A LOT OF FUN SETTING UP THE CONTROLS, USING THE QMB AND OF COURSE RUNNING THE MISSION. TC has a lot of potential. Lets hope people buy it so that Digital Forms and 1C will continue to improve it and hopefully announce a TC2!:)

Here are the pics of my Sherman being pummeled by one of the Panzers and the Panther.




I ordered all five of my Shermans, one had been disabled on a lucky long shot during our approach over the rolling hills from the Panther I believe, to rush the Panzers and Panther in a line formation with a short stop to Fire movement command. Lesson one, for me at least;), never rush Panzer IVs and a Panther when the odds are even and your Platoon rides in Shermans. Find a Hull down position as close as you can and then fire on them. As we closed the range I stopped my Sherman, jumped in the gunner's seat and fired my first round at the last Panzer IV in line. Then I heard a round fired from one of my AI Wing Man. I then jumped back in the drivers seat and moved forward while my loader did his thing! Lesson two, always fire on the Panther first. Lesson 3, make sure you are not firing at the same target as one of your AI gunners if possible.




My round, followed by my AI Wing man's round, absolutely devastated one of the Panzers! Unfortunately the Panther Commander did not appreciate that very much, and he was taking notes on who the offending culprits were. I think I had fired first,  so his prejudice was solely focused on me as he swung his turret to get a bead on my Sherman.




Evidently the Panzer I had fired at was not the last in line, and I was fired on by the actual last Panzer in line at the same time as when I had fired my round. A rude surprise was incoming and I didn't have a clue!




Before the ringing in my ears could clear from the round my gunner had just sent downrange, my Sherman took a hit in the mantlet and another in the right track!




With a thundering explosion, my Sherman shook and for an instant, a white light blinded us within the crew compartment!




For a few moments we could just barely hear a splintering and pattering sound as debris and shrapnel rained down on the turret and hull of our Sherman tank!




My driver tried to keep our Sherman creeping along, but it was no use and our gun was out of service. I ordered each of my men to leave our tank through the bottom escape hatch. I was the last to slip out and as my hearing had just begun to clear to almost normal, I heard another shot come from the direction of my Wing Man as he brought up the rear in this fight! Each of my crew stayed low as machine gun rounds hit all around us. We ran as fast as we could from our badly damaged Sherman.




The sound of the shot from behind us was the last thing I heard before being knocked to the ground. The Panther gunner had drawn his sight on our Sherman with the experience of a battle hardened tanker and his commander had ordered him to fire!




The Panther gunner had hit our Sherman directly between the main hull and the turret and she gave up the ghost! That Sherman tank threw her turret ten feet in the air and it shook the ground with a thud when it came down . Secondary explosions from the rounds inside the hull were cooking off randomly!




My Wing Man told me later that he had a front row seat and had watched as that seven ton turret took a ride!




Of course his gunner returned fire and hit the Panther, but in a mere matter of minutes each of the remaining Shermans were disabled.

Thus endeth the lesson. Don't mess with Panzer IVs or Panthers while in open country and riding a Sherman.

God forbid you should ever come across a Tiger while riding a Sherman!:ph34r:






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