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Have been playing with the game for a month until i got a message on steam saying the cd key has been revoked by the publisher..


I wrote steam:

I have purchased this item as attached document demonstrate and it has been revoked.
Id like to know what is steam position when a customer is deprived .



to which they replied:



Your CD Key for this game has been revoked by the game publisher. This can happen when a batch of keys are stolen, or perhaps the key was for a beta game that has shipped and you'll need to purchase it.

You should contact whoever sold you the key for further assistance. 

Best Regards,


I also took the issue to the Support here on this website but no reply or fix.


Does anyone have any clue what this is about?

thanks :)

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From where did you get your original key?


If you bought it through a "grey market" site like G2A, it is very likely that the key was illegitimate, originally payed for with a stolen credit card for the purpose of reselling. In that case your product key is liable for termination.


If you bought through Steam or this website (the only two legitimate ways to purchase this sim) you should contact support again to have your key reinstated.

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I did buy it outside this site or steam, is true. But now even if i want to buy it from here, the shop will only allow me to buy as a gift because it sees Stalingrad already installed.

So my questions is, how do i fix it?

Can C1 delete my Stalingrad licence key so i can get a new one?  Can i have an official explanation from C1 as why it has been revoked? the license key might be fake but my money wasnt..

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If you bought it on G2A you asked for it, this website is notorious for selling keys bought with stolen credit cards.

That happened on Kinguin too.

I have never bought my keys anywhere else than on steam or the IL-2 website and the problem never occured.

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