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Stukas (1941) German war movie

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Wonderful early propaganda film. Handsome young men raining down destruction from the air. Filled with love of Fatherland, the Stuka crews crush all opposition during the Battle of France. A few are shot down, several bail out over France, a handful end up in hospital, but the film ends on a high note as the lads shot down make it through enemy lines to link up with the advancing Panzers. (They bring captured disheartened Frenchmen with them)  The battle-fatigued casualties in hospital find new reserves of courage within themselves and return to duty. The last ten minutes is all returning lost sheep and joyous reunions. A final scene takes place on the airfield with new Stukas lined up. After a brief pep-talk from their commander, they shout their battle-cry "Wisdom comes with age!"  (really!) Then the commander shouts "To your machines! We're off to crush England!


They have no idea of what lies before them. The halcyon days of the Stuka are over. But we know.

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