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T Flight HOTAS saved bindings

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Any way I can load my T Flight HOTAS saved bindings from the saved ones from the load command.
 Game is:- IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz. 

Win 7 Ultimate 64bit


 I only have the one flight stick connected which works fine in every other game I play.


Iv'e spent heaps of time setting up the bindings, then do a "SAVE AS" and back them up to a flash drive just in case. 


Problem is every time start the game the bindings are gone. So I go to CONTROLS > LOAD click on the saved bindings file (IE alshotas.ini) but they just will not load in.

After the fourth time of setting up the bindings this is getting very tiresome.


Also checked this out STEAM Interface > Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings > Generic Gamepad Configuration Support.

My T Flight HOTAS is the one recognized.


I noticed this log file in my games folder which reads:-

------------ BEGIN log session -------------
[16:53:17]    INI: HotKey 'T.Flight_Hotas_4-AA417BA7+Key0' is unknown
[03/07/2018 16:53:45]    -------------- END log session -------------


So I am assuming for some reason the game is not recognizing my joystick. However I need to remove it from the PC from time to time and when it's reconnected it's not recognized.


Any advise as I would really like to play this game without this hassle every time. :(




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This is likely related to the fact that Cliffs will reset your controller ID each time it is plugged into the PC - e.g T.Flight_Hotas_4-AA417BA7 would become T.Flight_Hotas_4-H52W0H5, or some other random code is appended to the end of the joystick name. I believe this was introduced in 4.5 to fix the Windows 10 peripherals issue, where in 4.3 controllers were called 'Joystick0' and 'Joystick1', and so forth. Windows 10 had a habit of changing the IDs round randomly and it did cause a lot of grief.

The new method is a partial fix that works as long as you don't unplug the stick and remix the ID. Understandably for you, that's not an option.


What would probably fix the issue is if TFS simply removed the random code from the end, and perhaps replaced it with a single number, just in case someone has more than one identical stick, leaving the controller name intact. this would also make sharing joystick profiles and default profiles for the game install so much easier.


There is a workaround for fixing it each time without rebinding all the keys in Cliffs itself here: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=27366 (ATAG link but I'm pretty sure Sokol1 wrote a tutorial somewhere on these forums...)


Hope this helps :salute:

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Thanks for the info. So I guess there is no proper fix for this. 

Actually I found that by using a powered USB extention hub I can connect my HOTAS to say port 1 set up the bindings save and apply them and all is good. Then exit the game. Next switch off the powered hub or remove the HOTAS which ever suits. Then when I want to play the game again I connect the HOTAS to the same port and then start the game and all is OK.

So far this seems to work out OK and does not involve any altering of code. 


Thanks for yor advise as it explained that it was nothing I was doing but a problem with the game and Windows.



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