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For the official release, do you want custom settings, or simple presets?

Do you like custom graphics settings, or simple presets?  

161 members have voted

  1. 1. For the official release, do you want to have control over custom graphics settings, or do you want the four simple presets introduced on January 17th.

    • I like to have more control. Custom settings for me.
    • I like simple presets.
    • I like custom settings + simple preset

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I understand this is beta, so for now Even though I don't like simple vague presets, I'm fine with it. However, I wouldn't like this to make it into the final release. We have so many variations of hardware, that I think most of us could get more if we tailor the graphics settings for our systems and preferences.


So here's a simple poll.

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I think this poll is fail.


There should really be third option custom settings + simple preset.


Why the exclusivity?


Or maybe I'm unaware that one option actually excludes the other?



Personally I'd probably start with some simple setting and tweak it a bit thru custom.



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Sorry dkoor. It's all I could think about when I posted it. :( When I read it first time I realized I had no middle ground, but was too late. You can't edit posts after 15 minutes.  Was a biut bussy, so I didn't try to get the mods to change it.


Now is too late. Many people voted already, so better leave it this way.


The presets will most likely be available, so the poll is more about the custom settings, since that's what we lost in the last patch.

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Cleaned the comments.

If you want to add new information, do it in the General forum, or in the early access discussion forum, not in a vote thread.

And disputes have nothing to do in vote thread (neither in any other thread... for what is worth...)

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There are some settings that shouldn't be changed .. Dots distance visibility for example should have the same distance at any settings, and others  to ovoid "Cheats" like lower a settings to see thru clouds etc.. Simplified quality lods yes but not off sight. We saw this in the first gen IL2.

having setting with a reality and competition in mind would be great imo.

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While single presets are a good idea for testing. When the game goes full release, not having fully custom graphics options would be down right silly. this is a modern flight sim. Not an Xbox game. The sheer amount of different hardware setups, makes custom graphics sliders a must have. I'm not sure if the Team is just trying to sort out bugs or is actually serious with this decision. But I hope that it's the former.

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After time it took me to make RoF look good on my system, I can't imagine playing BoS without customizing graphics options (at very last, ability to edit them in configuration file). Presets will be fine as starting point, and I agree  we should test them in beta so devs know which preset to suggest for which system when game is installed, but we need to be able to adjust settings to our systams and preferences from there.

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