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The BIG Reason the Luftwaffe Failed at Stalingrad

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wow thats some portrait material for a baddie


i dont think we shoul learn why the luftwaffe  lost but more why the allies won

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14 minutes ago, HagarTheHorrible said:

I'd better watch it now, before it goes the way of all things..............,... or at least like his last post.

Seems that lately all these type of threads have been deleted, not sure why though.

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Enjoyed that.


I'm often a bit reticent when it comes to videos and theories etc etc, there's to much half baked revisionist crap out there, someone trying to say something, anything, new and get some attention for attentions sake.  It was, however, well argued and informative, nothing new perhaps,  but never the less interesting enough.  If I had one small quibble it would be that he constantly repeated the point about having enough aircraft, yes I got that the first time but as anyone who has watched modern documentaries will know and will be familiar with the constant repetition,  adnauseam, for those with limited attention spans ( the younger audience, under 40) with limited intelligence, but hey hoe, that's modern, fluffy, all inclusive education for you though.

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