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How Hitler Saved the Wehrmacht: The Battle of Moscow 1941-1942

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How Hitler saved the Wehrmacht:

1. Halting assault towards Moscow when Germany had the initiative and weather was favorable

    - achieved victory of secondary importance in Kiev, while losing momentum and depleting the strength of Army Group Centre

    - losing favorable weather and ending up in muddy conditions

    - allowing Soviet Union to build defensive lines and getting reinforcements from far east

    - failing to cut off the most important logistical hub in Soviet Union, (in Russia "all roads lead to Moscow"), allowing Red Army to be easily supplied

    - (icing on the cake, declaring war on USA at the same time, to make sure that Russia never runs out of supplies and equipment)

2. Once the conditions for attacking/surrounding Moscow were clearly lost, still ordered an assault on Moscow

    - causing lots of losses to wehrmacht and equipment

    - sacking some of Germany's most capable generals, when they decided to save their armies from encirclement by retreating, against Hitler's orders

3. Epilogue

    - General Paulus decided to obey Hitler's "no retreat" order during Battle of Stalingrad, unlike von Bock and Guderian had done, losing entire Sixth Army and all hope of winning 

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