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Depth of Field in BOS?

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First of all I want to say I really like the graphic in BOS and in ROF. But one thing I always would like to see is some sort of DOF = Depth of Field in the game. Many other games has it. I think BOS should have too. Especially a winter map, all grey and White is screaming for DOF.


I made this Rise of Flight video for our 19te sqaudron, where I added DOF effects ti the video to make it more interessting to watch. See it here:



Here are some examples of DOF in other games:





I really hope the dev team will implement DOF in the BOS.








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It was originally a part of ROF but was thankfully disabled because it was awful. No thanks.

I have never seen it in ROF and played it for years. Do you have a video showing this awful effect?

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Okay seems like DOF is not working for flight sims. :(


I would also assume spotting planes would be almost imposible. Its a shame since Depth Of Field makes watching especially videos much more interesting. Having the option to turn it on in the great implemented "Flight Records" in BOS would be great in my opinion.

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Yeah, it looks great when correctly used as a photography/cinematography tool, but it doesn't really work in sims because it would have to know where your eye is actually looking, and at what distance you are focusing. Like I said in the linked post "You will notice that even if you look at some text at the bottom right of this forum post that you can probably not reliably read the authors name...so there's not much reason to further blur the offcenter portions of the screen. 

In short - it was removed from the GUI (of RoF) for a reason."

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It has no place in a flight sim. When you need to scan the sky for the wingman of the guy you are fighting, the last thing you need is the game turning everything into a blurry mess.


The human eye can rapidly shift focus and attention from one thing to another in the air. There's no way to be able to get a game to replicate that. The game doesn't know where on the screen you focus your attention.

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