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I´m looking for the ATypes from the missionReport, I´m very thankful for any documentation regarding the missionReport logs! The missionReport gets generated when a mission is played. I want to host a COOP campaign, the trouble is reading out the mission results after the mission.


Example of a part of a missionReport(poor 109): 

T:82788 AType:12 ID:1773568 TYPE:Bf 109 E-7 COUNTRY:201 NAME:Plane PID:-1 POS(247537.984,123.382,289609.656)
T:82788 AType:3 AID:1157120 TID:1773568 POS(247537.984,123.382,289609.656)

I have figured out some already:

AType:1 is probably an explosion

AType:2 appears when a object gets damaged

AType:3 marks the destruction of an object

AType:4 marks the deactivation of an object?

AType:6 might indicate a landing

AType:10 has something to do with the user it seems

AType:12 marks the activation of an object from a dormant state (Activate/deactivate)

AType:16 could mark the finish flight button being used

AType:20 seems to mark the joining of an user

If you have any advice please let me know.

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Hi Leon,


The best reference I've found is the code here: https://bitbucket.org/johdex/plog/src/976c76a90c6c6c4767a7e4113f404319d087e797/ploggy/LogEntry.cs?at=master&fileviewer=file-view-default


There are some quirks I've found in the logs. AType 12 for example doesn't necessarily seem to indicate when the object is activated/spawned, sometimes it's generated just before another event which needs to refer to that object (and sometimes just after).


AType 3 seems not to indicate complete destruction, but more "being out of the fight" - so if you lose your engine, you'll be marked as "killed" by AType 3 at the point the engine starts to fail, but if you then glide down and ditch safely, an AType 6 will be generated. AType 6 seems to generally indicate returning to ground rather than specifically landing, so crashing would generate this as well.

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        MissionStart = 0; 		//
		Hit = 1;				//
		Damage = 2;				//
		Kill = 3;				//
		PlayerMissionEnd = 4;	//
		TakeOff = 5;			//
		Landing = 6;			//
		MissionEnd = 7;
		MissionObjective = 8;	//
		AirfieldInfo = 9;		//
		PlayerPlane = 10; 		//
		GroupInit = 11;			//
		ObjectSpawned = 12; 	//
		InfluenceAreaHeader = 13;	//
		InfluenceAreaBoundary = 14;	//
		LogVersion = 15; 			//
		BotUninit = 16;				//
		PosChanged = 17;			// unused
		BotEjectLeave = 18;			//
		RoundEnd = 19;				//
		Join = 20;					//
		Leave = 21;					//


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