Entry AType:12 occasionally gets the wrong country code:   T:140701 AType:12 ID:8192 TYPE:Sklad_01[7788,12] COUNTRY:201 NAME:BlocksArray PID:-1 POS(0.000,0.000,0.000) T:140701 AType:1 AMMO:BOMB_GER_SC500 AID:848919 TID:8192 T:140773 AType:12 ID:8192 TYPE:BlocksArray COUNTRY:201 NAME:BlocksArray PID:-1 POS(0.000,0.000,0.000) T:140773 AType:1 AMMO:explosion AID:848919 TID:8192 T:140774 AType:12 ID:8192 TYPE:Sklad_01[7788,10] COUNTRY:101 NAME:BlocksArray PID:-1 POS(0.000,0.000,0.000) T:140774 AType:2 DMG:0.061 AID:848919 TID:8192 POS(109951.461,23.401,252730.453) Note that in Sklad_01, ID 7788, parts 12 and 10 get different countries. The correct country is Russia/Allies (code 101, IIRC).   Another thing I noticed, which might or might not be wrong, is that many, if not all, ATYPE entries for static blocks without entities share the same ID:8192. Could that cause problems if multiple buildings receive damage simultaneously?   Attached: Logs from the mission. I don't have the mission file any more, but I'm attaching another one built from the same templates which has the same static buildings.   missionReport(2018-06-02_16-20-22)[0].txt.zip Dogfight.zip