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Looking for squadron. Preferably AUS based.

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I think its about time I find myself a squadron.

What I'm looking for:

• I am looking for an australian based squadron preferably, though not strictly. As you all can understand, it just lines up better for one if a squadron runs on the same timezone (or close to) that you are in.

• Would be great if there is other VR players as well.

• I mostly play casually, though I am looking for a squadron/persons that take it more seriously. Not in a "We must win, everyone else is a peasant" sense but more of a roleplay sense. 

• Im interested in both MP battles and campaigns. 


About me:

Always been interested in WW2 era things. Especially aviation. Well military aviation in general and those 2 go together all too well. I do love my spitfires. It is my go to aircraft. How original I know 😜  it is what spiked my interest back in BoS seeing there is now spits. Could of been for a while just never checked. Played sims a bit off and on. Ended up playing mostly WT due to friends not interested in actual sims. And I got lazy with setting up joystick etc. But now with a frame and VR dedicated to just flight sims. I can be as lazy as i want AND play sims 😂😂 its all Ive been playing lately, its great. 


My experience: 

•War Thunder - I put WT first as it would be my most played at roughly 340hrs. Majority of this was in realistic battle with some simulator battle. 

•Cliffs of Dover - 49hrs. Though not many hours, this was the game that got me to buy my HOTAS + pedals. I truely did love this game though I always wanted more from it (really just VR, still looking forward to it 🤞🏻

• DCS - really no hours here. Have the A10C, Spitfire, FA18C on preorder. Really wanting to sink some time into this at some point, played a little when back on triple monitors though never liked the feel of it (A10C module specifically, all i had then)  which is absolutely gone now with VR. It is the best flight sim immersion hands down.

•BoS - well.... haha, well... preordered it or bought on release, cant remember. Played it once and never again until a few days ago. And my reason for this, back on triple monitors, the cockpit center would be on one of the outer monitors and the rest would be looking out over one wing. Chucked a tantrum and said "f this game" and went back to my beloved CloD. Sooo I'm passed that now and want the best VR WW2 combat flight sim. 


My setup:

• TM warthog HOTAS with Sahaj extension on its way

• Saitek combat pro rudder

• Pagnian frame amd seat

• Rift CV1

• i7-4790 @3.6ghz (from memory)

• ROG Maximus hero VII

• Titan Xp

• 32gb corsair vengeance DDR3 RAM

• and some harddrives. SSD  for games.


Why is this so long? 

So I can find a sqaudron I can line up with and is a good fit. If you have all the info on me then you have an idea if I would fit into your squadron 😊😊



Dynamite (until i can work out how to change my old tag)



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