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Il-2 Dynamic Wallpaper

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I recently picked up Wallpaper Engine on Steam for around $4. It lets you create dynamic wallpapers from animations or videos, so I immediately set out to create a seamless video in Il-2. This is my first attempt, I mostly fly in VR, but the flight recordings are only viewable in VR as well, so it doesn't do me any good for making wallpapers (two stereoscopic images)


I definitely see room for improvement, but I am happy with it for a first try. Flying is way harder without VR, but I plan to make some more in the coming weeks.




You'll need to get the app to use this. It seems exceptionally light on performance which is nice. I was able to play in VR with the app in the background with no performance hit.



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I've  had this app for about a year and it's a great little program.


I was thinking of having some bombers flying in formation would look great on my desktop, in fact any plane would look great just cruising through the sky. 

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