Regarding the specific variants I argue the ones you called out are probably too early. Those blocks were manufactured in 1943.
Additionally the VVS had many late block ones as well, so in conclusion I guess probably the G-45/J-20 combination would be the best choice regarding G/J blocks.

The "strafer" concept worked out in the Asiatic-Pacific-Theatre, but didn't in Europe. The Western Allied air forces noticed this as did the VVS.
Consequently I strongly argue in favor of a J/K with an attack nose version being a "nice to have" modification for example.
Luckily easy convertibility from attack nose to bombardier nose and vice versa was a designated design feature on the real airframe.
The A-20K would be the optimal choice for the upcoming BoBP map and timeframe. Unfortunately it wasn't in combat with the VVS and the H mostly saw service in the Asiatic-Pacific-Theatre - a formation of just K models would look wrong.
So maybe the G-45/J-20 really would be the most versatile choice.

Repeating my usual blurb, I hope the Devs mainly focus on Asiatic-Pacific-Theatre after finishing everything announced right now. At the same time I know other people are hoping for more Western/Eastern Front content, which is quite likely to happen in form of collector aircraft according to one of Jason's recent posts.

I like the idea of A-26 and especially B-26 way better than any A-20 though. The only drawback being they would have to be made from scratch.
Let's see what's going to happen with the B-25. Hopefully we will be able to fly it one day. And I strongly hope they go for the C/D rather than the J.
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