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Is there a tutorial to use JSGME?

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1. Download JSGME (Jones Generic Mod Enabler)



2. Unzip JSGME to your main BOS folder...

3. Run JSGME.exe that was placed in that folder. (You can right click the JSGME exe icon, and place a shortcut to your desktop for easy access.)

4. JSGME will start and a screen will display.

5. Now close JSGME. This sets up the proper location for the JSGME MODs folder for your BOS install.

6. JSGME is now properly installed.

Now for your MODs that work with JSGME....

1. Download desired MOD zip file or files

2. Unzip your selected mod to the MOD folder that JSGME set up in the BOS main directory.....

3. Start JSGME....a new screen will open.

4. On the left side of the JSGME screen will be the list of MODs you have available.

5. Move the MOD you want to the right side of the JSGME screen. JSGME will install it.

6. Close JSGME

7. Start BOS and your selected MODs will be available.

JSGME backs-up your original installation. If you don't like a mod then simply move the MOD back to the left side of the screen and JSGME will uninstall it AND put BOS back to it's original configuration....

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Don't want to split hairs but I am chicken when it comes to sofware, want to make sure this is what OP is referring to as the "Main folder":


c:/Program files (x86)>Steam>steamapps>common>IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad


Your help appreciated.

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Make a whole copy of your BoX install with separate shortcut. 


Use this installation for doing mods and experiments. 


When and if it goes wrong you can just delete and copy paste a fresh one in seconds. 


If you have HD space this is quicker than having to download all again and lose settings, experimenting and thus learning, is more enjoyable without the risk and frustration of a porked install. 



Having said all that I am not so familiar with Steam install layout/launching differences so this may not be applicable for Steam, someone with more experience should be able to give ways to do this on Steam


Cheers, Dakpilot 

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The basic steps are explained above, and it's pretty simple once you've tried it a couple of times.  The one issue is mods that are not set up for JSGME.  What I do is create a generic folder with some of the basic sub-folders set up to mirror the sim's folder (tree) structure, and I keep this handy on the desktop.  The folder structure is for the mods I'm usually changing which is skins, terrain, effects, campaigns, and so on.  So, I don't set up every possible sub-folder that's in the sim as I would never be changing them.  With a non-JSGME mod I just copy and paste the data from the extracted mod into the correct folder of the generic mod folder for that sim; rename the generic mod folder; and then paste it into the MODS folder that JSGME created in the sim's root folder.  You do have to learn the sim's basic folder structure to convert mods to JSGME ready, but having a template helps.

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