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Pokryskin P-39's

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Hey all Ive been playing with Zargos' wonderful P-39 template and am making a Pokryshkin skin pack.

Problem is...there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of solid info on the aircraft schemes he flew.

Of particular interest is P-39N-0 "29004" white 100.

Ive been using this site for reference:


And there are two links for Pokryshkins Cobras;


and an update:



This picture is what keeps throwing me off-



P-39 with 30 kills, 6 full stars and 24 white-only stencils, places it mid 1943.

Has obvious upper wing stars without white outlines, so thats setteled, but that spinner looks like a different shade to me.

Most depictions of this aircraft have OD nose and tail, but the shading in this picture looks like it should be red, and hence a red/white vertical stabilizer tip as well.


So I don't really know which way to go or what would be correct. If anyone has any better sources for Pokryshkin/16GIAP Cobras Id be all ears.


So basically I guess which is correct between these two?




Edit: Still have no idea why my landscape comes out white in screenshots?

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20 hours ago, BorysVorobyov said:

Is it winter?

No that’s just what all my screenshots look like now. No idea why.

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That's cray cray! Reminds me of the blue landscape bug from a few years ago. Do you have any mods on?

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neither. The stars were all red with white outline and the cowling was red.  Your skin is mix of old and latest P39 Alexander was flying.

but depending which period your skin is representing...


good job so far btw!







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