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Track IR P-39L-1 issue - X axis move

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Movement tracking bug in P-39 cockpit.

 (in movement not the rotation).


TrackIR 5 head movement in X axis. Tracking is sticking in a strange manner to the center, when moving head sideways it sticks around point zero. In X axis movement to the left is
very slow and movement to the right has some strange acceleration (Maybe there some issue with opening right door - asymmetrical space?).


Tested with normal Clip and Clip PRO TIR5 on linear curves one:one.

I didn't tested every plane but in I-16 and Yak-7b and Bf's movement tracking seems to be ok.

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How has this issue still not been fixed? I've avoided flying this plane since release and It has been months now and the camera movement is still bugged when moving to the left. This issue is present even without TrackIR its actually easier to see its effect when using the head side to side keys.


Here are steps for reproduction.

1 fly the P39-1

2 move head position left and right

3 observe the difference in movement speed s the position crosses the mid point. Left of the mid point is slow and sluggish and right of the mid point is normal speed.

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It's not only with TrackIR, it happens with the normal camera movements as well.

It has been there since the plane was released. I hope it can get fixed soon.

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Posted (edited)



Same thing still persists any lateral movement to the left half to any side is slowed down to ~ 50%

Issue does not seem to be the case with VR, but it is the case for TIR I heard from opentrack users that this is not a problem


If you need more info and cannot replicate tell us and acknowledge this issue

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