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"Japanese George fighters in American markings prepare for a flight from their base to an American-held base at Yokosuka. After the war’s end in Japan, the Americans found six surviving Kawanishi N1K Shiden (Japanese for “Violet Lightning”, Allied code name “George”) at a base in Kogashima. In late August 1945 Japanese pilots, flying these Georges and escorted by US Navy F6F Hellcats, flew from the air base at Kogashima in the south of Kyushu to Yokosuka. The flew a well-defined route under the threat that they would be shot down if they did anything unexpected. On this trip they were able to use American fuel of a much higher octane than they had had access to before. The Japanese pilots reported that they had to use 75% of the normal power settings in order to stop themselves from pulling away from their escorts. Two of these Georges were subsequently scrapped in Yokosuka and the remaining aircraft (no. 71, 5128, 5312 and 5341) were moved to the USA to further learning. Photo: US Navy"


 I thought this was particularly interesting because of the effect of the fuel and given what the Dev's have done in their latest patch with regard to improved power because of air temperatures.  The Luftwaffe must have really struggled towards the end of the war when fuel was in short supply and they were mixing or making it with all sorts of rubbish.  Potentially great aircraft are often hampered by inadequate engines, the Yak verse's Lav 5  example springs to mind.  It might have been extremely galling for Luftwaffe pilots to have great aircraft if they could only operate at 75% of there maximum capacity because of poor quality fuel.

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Apparently they were rerfining fuel from coal and the engines ran as rough as old dogs. I did a paintng many many years ago for an old soldier who reckoned he shot down a German plane with a revolver during the battle of the bulge.

He was based at a frontline strip driving a petrol bowser filling up planes. The battle of the bulge surprised him (and everyone else) and he found himself atop his bowser, which incidently was full when the airfield was attacked by 'hundreds' of 'jerry crates'.

He was so miffed that he pulled out his revolver and started taking potshots at the planes diving all over the shop including one which was so low and close as it passed by him he saw the pilot as clear as day.

So anyway he fires his last round directly at a plane coming right for him and it dived right on by a blew up on the field, which of course he atribited to his single pistol round.

It was only after all the planes had either scarpered or been shot down that it dawned on him that he was ontop of thousands of gallons of petrol at which point his legs gave way and he was carted off to sickbay where he met his future wife in the nurses ranks.

I went along with his little story as a. I wasn't there and if I had been I certainly wouldn't have been standing on a prime target with a pistol like that, and b. you never know, there's always a veeeeerry slim chance that last shot did infact down the plane.

Who knows he was a nice old boy to talk to and he paid me for the painting, so win win... :D

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