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BoS.LogParser.Offline has stopped working


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Hi guys,

 i have IL-2 BoS like a week now and since I installed the game I get in every singleplayer Mission following Error message (like every 10-20seconds). I also got in contact with the support and currently, the told me to follow the installation recommendations (i followed them). But still after 10+ reinstallations the same problem (btw. it runs without this error on my second, but older Pc.) Another "Error" that seems to be related to this Problem is if I trie to close the launcher it says: "Stopping background task. Please, wait.". But I can wait for 5min and nothing will happen.

Any ideas how I can get rid of this annoying error?



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Posted elsewhere too  ..... i have the same since today, happened after clicking offline on game boot, but appears now in online game boot too, every 30 seconds, game plays OK though ..


Tried to find a solution, as it started after running IL*2 setup again. Somewhere i read it was about errors with DotNet 3.5, but couldn't fix it, windows 10.


So i reinstalled an older boot partition via an image ... EUREKA, GONE!.


Still curious what is is/was ..... BTW found this .... https://www.sevenforums.com/general-discussion/247713-regedit-0xc0000142-error.html


Downloaded Malwarebytes, it found 12 creepy registry entries with naughty stuff it sayz. But it was with my reinstalled boot partition.



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