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We are starting this thread which will serve as the main thread for information about 5.0/Tobruk. It will be closed but we will start separate threads for everyone to comment on. We will update this thread with new info, material, and screenshots/videos when we have them. I'm hopeful we can have bi-weekly updates for the next couple of months showcasing both new and old material, especially on the map and new aircraft. This way we will have a single area where people can go to to get info on 5.0/Tobruk. We will bump the thread when new material is added, along with a link to a newly created thread for everyone to comment on.


With that said, now we can really move on to the update.


OnAircraftLanded and OnAircraftCrashLanded events are not called any more in multiplayer. We've been aware of this issue and the crippling effect it has on certain servers and have been working hard on finding a fix. We have found the cause of this issue and are making great progress with it and are close to having it corrected. It is still in testing but things are looking promising. We hope to have this ready shortly. 


Also some great news on the SP front. The AI behavior and routines are actively being revised and we hope to start Beta testing these soon. These are in great hands who did excellent work on the AI in Il-2 1946.


Each section below will be updated when we showcase that particular aircraft or object or topic. This is not a complete list but will become more complete as we gather all the info into this single thread. 




Vickers Wellington: Final adjustments are being made on the cockpit and bombardier positions but we have started the import/animation process. The rear/nose turrets are also finished and being imported.










The map team is continuing to decode all the files (tons) and are making great progress. More bugs are being corrected which is making life easier. The land/water draw issue has been corrected and the connection between objects and internal object IDs has also been fixed, which allows us to properly import new hard-coded static objects.


The Tobruk map is coming along, here is a picture showing current in game height data with references using historical maps.






AEC Armored Command Vehicle: Will come as a static object and as a moving AI vehicle. These are finished and imported and will include several different skins, for both Axis and Allied use. 






Ordnance QF 25-pounder: Model is finished and ready for import. 






Catholic church: Finished and imported.




Tobruk cranes: Finished and imported.




Tobruk HQ: Finished and imported. 




Gravesend Law Hanger: Finished and being imported. Includes both a pre-war skin and camo. 




For more screenshots:  https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=28565&p=308892#post308892



German Type VIIC U-boat: Finished and imported. 

For screenshots: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=28565&p=308892#post308892


HMS Cossack Tribal Class Destroyer: Finished and imported. 

For screenshots: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=28565&p=308892#post308892

Please continue to report any bugs or issues you find on our bug-tracker, located here:




Stuka skins: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=28566







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Just a few shots of some more new objects as well as the Cr.42 cockpit. 


Corrections on the AI continue and we have organized specific areas of importance to check and test first. Kling is fronting this effort and we are hoping to have more news on this front in a couple weeks. The issue of AI vehicles not crossing bridges is also on the top of the list for AI issues and a possible fix looks promising. 


We are also close to finishing a simple implementation of HRTF to all the sounds in the bank. Our sound guy has also been introducing blasts and tails into the new bank which will provide a dynamic effect based on the distance of the player from an explosion or artillery / heavy gun sounds. Lastly,  by using various layering techniques we've managed to create a sound which we believe is more similar to the Browning .303 from 4.312.


Until I can get moderator status and upload more than 5mb, you will have to visit the following thread for all the screenshots:






Cr.42 cockpit is finished and being imported. The Gladiator cockpit has been finished and imported, so these two new aircraft should make for some interesting scenarios over the desert (FYI, the W_Diffuse [panels, rivets, etc] is not rendered on the exterior model).








The map team continues to build the Tobruk map and place objects. Using historical maps they have began plotting the airfields across the map. This does not show all planned airfields. 






A few new static objects for both the Tobruk map as well as the channel. 


Oast house: Will replace a good amount of the windmills in locations where they should, such as Kent. 






North Africa hanger (includes a non-wind damaged skin). See link at top of post.

Makeshift Lorry Shelter. See link at top of post. 






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Today's update will feature news on a new aircraft for 5.0. The aircraft and cockpits are finished and we are now starting the process of importing them into the game. 


Disclosure: The cockpit renders are of the F-2 non-tropcial, so they do not show the tropical changes. The external renders are from Max which means a few things. First, the reflection/bump maps will look much nicer in game and second, the skin colors will be adjusted once it is in game. As always, WiP. 


Bf-109 F2 and F4 models, both tropical and non-tropical versions.




















You can discuss here.

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Real life obligations kept me from posting anything yesterday, so I apologize for not staying on the normal Friday schedule. Work continues in all areas with great progress being made an we've had some very talented new members join the team. 


There has been a lot of progress on the more boring (but very important), behind the scenes talks which hopefully means there will some bigger updates in the coming months. 


For today's update, we will share some new work from our effects team. 




Smoke trailer for certain tracer rounds:






Water impact effect:




Bomb effects for 50, 250, 500, 1000 kg bombs:




New craters:




New smoke columns being tested in London with heavy clouds to test the particle limit. Looking good! 








Contrails are also being worked on. This should stop the "squished" look that they get for the most part. However, since they are a 2d trail they will always get this "squished" look from certain angles, but this should only be from certain angles now rather than all the time.






Water: Can you spot the difference?








You can discuss here

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Hello everyone, this will be a small update with some information just to let everyone know things are still progressing smoothly. Much more exciting and content filled updates will follow in approximately  3-4 weeks by our new PR representative. I'll still respond to questions and help where needed, but as far as PR, I will be signing off after this post. 


Our new PR rep is a member who is very well liked across the entire CloD community, one who is very knowledgeable with the game and one who has been contributing great things for the community for years. His first update will be up to him on when and what. Personally speaking, I'm very grateful and excited that he has joined TFS. His updates will be completely fresh in approach and I look forward to seeing them just as much as the rest of the community. 


TFS has also welcomed several new members which will both speed up the process of getting 5.0 out, and also address certain noted gripes from the community. We have several additional coders which will help out in multiple areas, but most importantly the import/animation process for all the new objects, ships, and aircraft/cockpits that will be included for 5.0. We also have a member who will be taking over the bugtracker maintenance from our main coder and another coder who will be working on bringing a Dynamic Campaign Generator to CloD. 


Multiple new aircraft have now been imported in game and are being tested, along with more static objects and turrets for new flyable aircraft. Work on the AI continues and within TFS we should have a big update from our AI coder tomorrow. I may break what I said earlier in this post and bring some news if I can about that front once we get it.  


Just wanted to give you all a quick note with some good info and properly sign off. Thanks for being civil and respectful (for the most part), and using constructive criticism when needed. I leave you in excellent hands. 


Happy times ahead. 


You can discuss here


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