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[MOD] Multicoloured Tracers

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This mod adds several new tracer colours. I thought that the stock orange tracers were rather boring, so I tried to recreate the tracers in Il-2 Sturmovik: 1946.




Obsolete original version



The following tracers are included:



  • Soviet 7.62 mm


  • German 13 mm
  • German 20 mm


  • Italian 7.7 mm
  • Italian 12.7 mm
  • Soviet 12.7 mm


  • German 15 mm
  • German 30 mm HE


All other original tracers are unchanged. With this mod, attacking aircraft can sometimes be identified from afar by the colour. Although the realism is very questionable, I think it makes the game more interesting. 


Download the mod here. Install using JSGME or similar. Alternatively, do it manually by putting the mod's "data" folder in your main Il-2 directory. Make sure to have mods on in the game.


Note that this is not just a texture replacement; it supplements the two original tracers with four new types.



Please see the improved version by Rieper_420


Edited by Mitthrawnuruodo
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This mods seems to remove the smoke lines from the MG131. TBH i am a sucker for the smoke lines in general. Could you maybe update this mod (can also confirm green ones are not working anymore) to give the smoke lines back to the MG131 and maybe as a super plus add the lines to the 50cal and 303s ?????

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Thank you for this.  With as much attention to detail as this sim has, I was surprised that they were all the same color.  

After trying this out, I found that the Russian 30 cal tracers are still red but other calibers are the modded color.  Was this due to an update in the sim and will the mod be updated to address this?

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I have installed this 3 different ways and I still cant get it to work. Have not had a problem with any other mod... I have done it manuall, with JSGME and another installer. Help? Or is this mod just no-longer working? EDIT: It works for the blue tracers, white, and yellow but not the green..? :(

Edited by mrBruce2
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Hi all,


with the permission of Mitthrawnuruodo, I have made an updated version of the mod:

Thanks again!!


AAA tracers now are also colored: look out for those white streaks of 20mm AAA Flakvierling!
Thanks Gretsch_Man for the suggestion! I would not have come up with the idea myself haha


I changed the tracer sizes a little:
37mm cannon should have a little bigger tracer than 7.62mm (maybe not realistic, but looks "cooler")



7,62 mm: Visualradius = 3.8 (default 4)

7,92 mm: Visualradius = 4 (unchanged)

12,7 mm: Visualradius = 4.4 (default 4)

13 mm: Visualradius = 4.4 (default 4)

15 mm: Visualradius = 5 (using MG tracer textures)



20 mm: Visualradius = 4 (unchanged)

23 mm: Visualradius = 4.6 (default 4)

30 mm: Visualradius = 5 (default 4)

37 mm: Visualradius = 6 (default 4)



German 13 MM is now purple bluish




Download outdated:



make sure to download V1.2: updated to Game Version 4005



Feel free to change yourself
see: Multicoloured Tracers_V1.1\data\luascripts\worldobjects\ballistics\projectiles\*.txt  => Default visualradius= 4

I tweaked the tracer colors a little bit:



    Soviet 7.62 mm


Blue (a more whitish blue than Mitthrawnuruodo original color)

    German 20 mm



    Italian 7.7 mm
    Italian 12.7 mm
    Soviet 12.7 mm



    German 13 mm

    German 15 mm
    German 30 mm
    German 37 mm
    Soviet 20 mm

    British 11 mm
    British 7.7 mm
    British 20 mm
    USA 12.7 mm
    USA 7.62 mm
    USA 37 mm
    Soviet 23 mm
    Soviet 37 mm


If you like to modify yourself: See the files bullet*.txt / shell*.txt in "Multicoloured Tracers_V1.1\data\luascripts\worldobjects\ballistics\projectiles":

Search for the line
VisualImage=0,"graphics/ammo/ammoRmg.mgm",false // TODO

and replace the "ammoRmg.mgm" with "ammoGmg.mgm" to change tracer color from Red to Green

  • bullet_eng_11x59: ammoRmgSmk =>   Red MG bullet with Smoke trail  => R MG SMK
  • bullet_eng_7-7x56: ammoRmg => Red MG bullet (no smoke trail)
  • bullet_ger_13x64: ammoPmgSmk => Purple MG bullet (smoke trail) I don't know if it is historic but I like the difference from the white blue
  • bullet_ger_7-92x57: ammoYmg => Yellow MG bullet (no smoke trail)
  • bullet_ita_12-7x81: ammoWmg => White MG Bullet (no smoke trail)
  • bullet_rus_12-7x108: ammoWmg  => White MG Bullet (no smoke trail)
  • bullet_rus_7-62x54 ammoGmg => Green MG Bullet (no smoke trail)
  • bullet_usa_12-7x99: ammoRmg  => Red MG bullet (no smoke trail)
  • bullet_usa_7-62x63:  ammoRmg => Red MG bullet (no smoke trail)
  • shell_eng_20x110: ammoRacSmk => Red AutoCannon with Smoke Trail (R AC SMK)
  • shell_ger_15x96: ammoYmgSmk => Yellow MG bullet with smoke trail
  • shell_ger_20x82: ammobacsmk => Blueish / White AutoCannon with Smoke Trail
  • shell_ger_30x184: ammoYacsmk => Yellow AutoCannon with Smoke Trail
  • shell_ger_37x263: ammoYacsmk => Yellow AutoCannon with Smoke Trail
  • shell_rus_20x99: ammoYacSmk => Yellow AutoCannon with Smoke Trail
  • shell_rus_23x152: ammoRacSmk  => Red AutoCannon with Smoke Trail
  • shell_rus_37x198: ammoRacSmk => Red AutoCannon with Smoke Trail
  • shell_usa_37x145 ammoRac => Red AutoCannon (no Smoke Trail)


since there are separate files for AP & HE ammo, you could even have a mixed tracer color when firing AP/HE cannon mix - never tried it out myself...

(for example firing alternating purple / blue tracer with 13mm)


Change Tracer Color yourself!

If you would like to adapt the color, you can change it yourself 🙂 (thanks for making IL-2 so mod friendly in some areas)
Go to the folder Multicoloured Tracers_V1.1\data\graphics\ammo\textures and edit the .bmp file with Paint or whatever


AAA tracer colors and sizes can be modified here:
C:\Games\SteamLibrary3\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\MODS\Multicoloured Tracers_V1.1\data\luascripts\worldobjects\ballistics\ammunitionfornpc





as you like to change tracer size and color




Bonus Mod:

Less Tracer Smoke (does not conflict with multicolored tracers

I toned down the tracer smoke for MG and Cannon at around 30%  - looks more transparent grey smoke like to me now...






Secret bonus info (do not read)


It would also be possible to cheat here and edit ammo parameters, e.g. make the german 30mm AP ammo more powerful than the Russian 37mm.


One would just need to compare the files shell_ger_30x184_ap.txt & shell_rus_37x198_ap.txt in the folder  "Multicoloured Tracers_V1.1\data\luascripts\worldobjects\ballistics\projectiles"


If somebody would take a look at the Lines: Armor1, Armor2, Armor3, Armor4 => those describe the penetration values calculated by some fancy physics magic


You could also make cheaty overpowered ammo by changing the values of mass, DefaultStartSpeed, DefaultBulletSpeed & BulletSpeed to make the projectile faster and heavier (also considered a cheat!)




Multicoloured Tracers_V1.1.zip

Edited by rieper_420
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2 hours ago, rieper_420 said:

AAA tracers now are also colored: look out for those white streaks of 20mm AAA Flakvierling!
Thanks Gretsch_Man for the suggestion! I would not have come up with the idea myself haha

You're welcome! And thanks for the new mod! 

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  • 1CGS
8 hours ago, rieper_420 said:


I tried it but didn't seem to apply.


Edit: Ooops operator error. Fun mod.



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This mod is broken again as of 5/15/2020. You get "object undefined" errors nonstop while shooting

Edit: Turns out im just retarded and downloaded the old version by mistake

Edited by mrBruce2
Stupidity and carelessness
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Armor=0,855,    12,44,    10,109,    0,174
Armor=100,800,    11,38,    9,95,    0,152
Armor=500,603,    7,22,    6,54,    0,87 // ďîń÷čňŕíî ďî đĺôĺđĺíńíîé ňî÷ęĺ ďî áđîíĺďđîáčâŕĺěîńňč äë˙ äŕííîé ďóëč 300ě-9ěě
Armor=1500,300,    3,5,    2,13,    0,21






what the numbers mean ?
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Hello Dafakman,


That is strange, it working fine for me currently. What tracers changed back to red color?


Are you using this version?:



There were no changes in 4.503 that affected the mod.


Please check the folder: \IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\LuaScripts\worldobjects\ballistics\projectiles and take a brief look at the .txt files there.

E.g. the file "bullet_rus_12-7x108_ap.txt" should loook like this:


//////    PhysicsBody properties
VisualImage=0,"graphics/ammo/ammowmgsmk.mgm",false => wmgsmk => White Tracer - MG - Smoketrail
visualradius=4.4 => size 4.4.



Feel free to reach out via PM if a more detailed debug session is necessary.


Best regards


Edited by rieper_420
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