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Skin for the A-20

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Allrightythen!! its crazy Havoctime ladys!!


been up to my knees in scraping and painting these babies and now there nearly done!!


one!  the Photo Fanny"  have already left the paint-hall and is ready for commission test flight,        so if your´e up for it its all yours!!



the rest however is still scheduled to get there markings and final layers of chiine!  



  Yea and also im going to post a new Radio mod for American bomber crew later today !!

bombs away 2.jpg

bombs away.jpg

Georgies Gal 2.jpg

Georgies Gal.jpg

Photo Fanny 2.jpg

Photo Fanny.jpg

take off time.jpg

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well why not? its cracy havoctime!!!  cant touch this! and i like it!!

crap okey i will correct that!!


actually i began making these before the skin temples was out so i had to use the russian brown version and coudent remove the red star marks

which is on all sides!! :P

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