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Salvatore di'Farlone, Regia Aeronautica in Sovietunion

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Posted (edited)

Buona Giornata!


I started to fly some career like missions before the new update came out and just started to "continue" with the new career system.

Coming from the CAS and bombing topic, I am not a good dogfighter, hell, I am maybe not even a good pilot at all.


But why not show all flaws and misstakes too?

Only reason why I am not going with the new career system in hardcore mode is; I want to progress the frontline and environement and just dont want repeat stuff when I will be shot down.

Til now, I did not got shot down, but will tell anyway if so :)



"Old" career modus was on expert, and "new" one is set on 'middle' (for AI I guess) and all disabled, except 'pre-heated-engine'.

(difficult level for AI went from "normal" to "difficult" with mission #17)



What you will see?

I dont edit the video's, there is only the realistic cockpit view.....I try to transport some kind of authentic mission feeling.



Why the italians?

Because I like wine and food.....maybe I will fly for russians next time, cause of my woman :)



Why the Macchi 202?

"If you stick to one particular aircraft, even its a piece of junk; you will perform quiet well compared to your peers!"

I-Fly-Central, March 2018

...I want to get used to it more in singleplayer.


sorry for my bäd english



First 6 missions with the "old" career system:



(In the spoilers are some immersive letters from Salvatore di'Farlone, outgoing to his Mama or his young wife Veronika)  :rolleyes::cool:



Dear Veronika,


today I finally arrived after a long journey at my new unit. Tenente (Leutnant) di'Farlone, your proud marito.

Here at this Gruppo di Caccia there are all old veterans. From Abessinia to Espagna, from northern Afrika and the few of them from the Battle of Britain.

I dont know if I can compete with them, coming so fresh from the fighter & flight school.


The situation in bigger scale is this: the germans are storming forwards, even if their lines get thiner and thiner, their supply routes longer and longer. But in the same way the experience and

the will is growing to take the capital of Bolshevism.


I life in a wooden and windy house, we filled the gaps with a lot of straw. We have a small oven, the nights are getting colder here. This isn't Forli at all and olthough I am proud to serve with the best of our italian air force pilots, I think I will pretty soon miss our little house in Forli, the Cafè where we like to go out and well, you know what else.


I must finish now, we are flying out soon in the early evening. My first mission, as I heared some ground attack on an enemy airfield, but the briefing will be in 10 minutes.


Dont be afrait about me, and I will not make misstakes I hope than.


your loving marito Salva











Dear Veronika,


I just came home today from my 2nd mission. It was a success. We had to attack some artillery positions very closed at an enemy airfield and my wing got engaged also with some enemy fighters.

Hell, those little I-16's are like mosquitos, not so easy to fight as they told us in the fighter & flight academy. Anyway, I shot one down. After the mission, when I was taking a nap and went to eat something with my comrades, I started to shake very heavily. They were laughing at me and saying its just normal. After your first engagements and specially after your first dogfight you might get some panic and adrenalin boosts. The think is to calm it down somehow, they said.


I drunk wine and were walking lonely around the airfield in the night.


How are our lemon trees? Dont you forget to take care about the herbs, tomatos?


your missing marito Salva










My beautiful wife,


I find a quiet moment to take paper and pencil to answer your last letter.

It were delivered yesterday and I am pretty happy about it. My comrades told me that usually they can wait 3-6 weeks for receiving post.

So I was lucky. But that means also for the future not to fall in panic, if you dont get an answer from me in time.


Dont worry, yes, I will take care about me. I am in Regia Aeronautica a pilot and not a foot soldier in Regio Esercito. I dont say that we pilots dont risk our lifes from time to time, but at least

we are able to sleep at our airfield in some more or less clean and warm beds, something our soldiers from the infantry can not say often.

In the nights we can hear and see the artillery impacts from the frontline on the horizon.

Then we wake up, we sit in our beds, looking out of the window, ready to get an order for a night flight. But til now we flew only at daylight and I am thankfuly for that.


You told me that you want to go to my Mama. I am not sure if she is needing help, and my father is also there. I only think that she made this up, because she want to take care about you now, as

I am far away. You must decide, but dont forget to take care about our garden from time to time when you go to Mama. Thank god my parents life in the same town.


Last mission I had some air victories again, I could shoot down 2 planes. When I landed I expected the hole evening some panic attack or adrenalin boost, but it was not like the first time.

Only the wine where my compagnon in this night. But dont tell Mama about the warfare, she will just remember the time in the Great War when my father were for a long time far away.

Honestly I dont believe she ever forgot.


Tomorrow we eskort german bombers.


In love, your marito Salva









Dear Mama and loved Veronika,


at my last mission I got many hits in my plane and also me were hit. The projectile went straight through my left leg, no vene or bone is damaged, "only" the flesh with muscles. It was a terrible pain and only the adrenalin which kicked in, prevented me in flight to fall into the darkness. But for such situations they were teaching us the procedure of how to fly a plane over and over, so beside the pain I managed to reach the home airfield.


Well, I only did not noticed that my landing gear was only existing by one wheel which extracted and as I landed I made a little carusell off course. The enemy PE-2, called "Peshka" is a tough plane and well armed and responsible for my injury in leg and destroyed landing gear. I dont understood the angles from her MG's but thats the lack of experience from my side. Still, I shot him down!


Now I sit here in the local hospital barrack, our squadron doctor gave me a lot of anti-pain pills, I get extra ration for each meal and we can choose here between a Jul-Verne book and the german newspaper "Völkischer Beobachter". I read the "20.000 miles underneath the ocean"

The doctor is saying that I can go back on mission very soon, but the pain will remain til its healed up completly, which depends on my activities outside the cockpit.

But now, 5 days rest.


I just had to write you at the first opportunity, cause I dont know if you will get an official note by the army that I am wounded. So, better to hear it clearly from me, right?

I kiss you both and say hello to Papa








The "new" career modus :)


....bla bla, blindly checking out the new career stuff.....





Well, as I crashed my own plane during landing and crashed the borrowed one too, shortly the first incident, well....I think I get ordered to some other squadron.....relegated......Mama Mia!




My loved wife Veronika,


I am happy to hear that you and Mama dont have troubles, yes, that it is in opposite is funny for me somehow. Now as I am away you both becoming best friends it seems. Good to know that our garden is alive and prepared for the coming colder time. Will you make Lemoncello like last year? It would be great if, and if, than please send me one bottle.



I am out of hospital since some days and a lot of things are happend here.

On a bigger scale we make progress into Moscow direction, we encircle here and there soviet Divisions, or why I write "we" - the germans are becoming masters of it. But our divisions are fighting bravely among their side.



The thing is, on my last mission I crashed the plane. It was my misstake. My taped wound got also open again, but thats nothing what concerns me right now.

I was very angry about it, maybe a little to much.

Nobody said anything about it, I guess accidents at some squadron which is operating at the frontline are not that uncommon.

But I was so in rage that evening, even my comrades went to some other table as we were taking our meal.

I think I was also angry, because I saw today some trucks with heavy injured german and italian soldiers, coming from the frontline.

Well, after the meal I went out for a walk around the runway....



....and there was this little dog, barking around. I just wanted to be alone, little blood where already running out of my left leg again and this little dog came running towards me.

He jumped than high into the air as he reached me, disturbing me, heck I think in the air he wanted to bite me.

He made strange noises, barked like crazy and showed his teeth in biting attempts when he was up in the air.

After some minutes I freaked out completly, I took my Beretta and shot this dog with the words: "You want dogfight? HERE!" and Peng!



The problem is, that was the dog since the Abessinia War of our Capitano, an famous Ace himself. He saw me right over several hundred meters across the runway with his binocular as he was in the control tower.

Off course I was ordered to him and in a silent voice he explained me that the crash I just had is reason enough to relegate me down to the seargent ranks again.

Also, all my 5 air victories and this several destroyed ground objectives are deleted from my file too.

When I was dismissed he finally explained what he earlier saw through his binocular and that it was his dog since East-Africa campaign.


I will stay in this Gruppo di Caccia, but must move to some other squadron. Actually I sit on a german truck, next to supply boxes and fuel tanks. We just stopped for paper stuff at some checkpoint.

I will not lead a Wing anymore til I make it to the officier ranks again. It doesn't matter, as long as I can fly and play my role for my italian people.


Please, dont tell Mama, she will only be in sorrow again and no word to Papa.

He would outrage too, where you believe I have it from?

Than he would try to bring the thing back in tracks again from home via his "connection", but thats not good, you know why.


In love, your relegated marito Salva






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My dear Veronika,


some days passed since I were ordered into the new squadron very close to Svistaevo, called Airfield Dugino.

My new capitano off course heared from my last "dogfight" and the very first thing he did was to constantly laugh as I reported myself for duty in his office.

He told me, that he doesn't like my old capitano, cause of several things in the past; more the civilian stuff as I could hear it out.


Beside that I was shot down in the very first mission in my new squadron. Yes, I am writing to you, so I am obviously alive. Arms and legs are fine like everything else my sweetheart.

After some technical services til deep into the last night, we got only few hours of sleep and the alarm sirene was waking us up hardly.

Air space spotters reported enemy bomber formations heading to us. Here at Dugino lays the HQ of our Gruppo di Caccia, so it was quiet possible that they aimed for that.


We run to our machines, rolled to the runway, by the way, here it is some normal airfield with some stone plates on the runway....and than we took off.

Than things went fast, somehow I could avoid to be hit by the first fighter on my tail, but the second got me.

My machine was severely damaged, the engine stopped to work when I was still in the air.

I sailed down to the near AF Dugino, but wasn't sure if I would make it.


In this moments I saw parts of my life in front of my inner eyes, how I was raised in Forli, my school class, my friends, the walkings with Papa, the meals by Mama and her taylor works for all neighbour women, how I met you and when I asked you for marriage with me.

Off course it is not realistic as I just came here some weeks ago, but one time in the future I will have frontline-holidays.....and than, we go to our Cafè, sit in our garden and will feel each other, laugh with each other.


I just had to write you, in few minutes I dress up again for the next mission. We will cover some important supply convoy with special spare parts for our heavy companies, new mortar equipment, optics and off course ammunition. The material exhausting is pretty high, but that only means that our men fighting on the ground with everything they can afford.

Greetings to all


In love, Salva




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Posted (edited)

My dearest sweetheart Veronika,


I did not got post from you since days and I just think it will be delayed. You know, supplies and such transports have a higher priority. Also I dont know if you already received my last letter. But in war times that will be the normal thing. And as optimistic I am, you know me, it seems that this war here in the Sovietunion wont be over when the winter comes.

The germans are saying this will be a "longer" Blitzkrieg this time maybe. But they mobilize everything they have, some melted down Divisions in size of Regiments are fighting like

real ancient warriors.


With me here everything is fine, sometimes the taped wound in my leg is giving me some pain again at some movements. I finished the Jul-Verne book and gave it back to the lazarett section. It was nice to read something from the past, when people had different mindsets.


Slowly I am coming along with my comrades and we know each other a little better. This is a natural thing, we are 8 men in our wooden barrack. I would not say its like at home, but we make the best of it and keep everything clean. Our logistic seargent said that the guys from the infantry are getting lices by their condition, but the coming colder time will kill them maybe.

Could you imagine? Your Salva, your loving marito with lice in his hair? Better not to think about that.


Well, one of my previous missions was a success when I shot down Peshkas. We were hunting them pretty good.

But the things can change here in one second very quickly. On my last mission we got in some big fight with many planes. Everything was confusing me and I could

not concentrate on some single enemy.

So I got hit again in the plain and I had to disengage as my fuel tank was leaking. I had to land on some abandoned airfield.


And on this abandoned airfield there were only a 12 men group of german soldiers, maintaining the runway.

Do you remember?

The reason why I got relegated and ordered to some other wing? (beside my frequent crashes in official version)

I shot the dog of my previous capitano.

And here on my last mission I had to land on this airfield. And guess what became friend with me during I waited for a transport car?

Yes, a dog.


Later, back on my home airfield some comrades made a picture of me and the dog.

Honestly, now I feel sorry and sad for the shot dog when I see how faithful this creature is.

I will bring him to Forli some day....


Your loving marito Salva






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My lovely wife!


Our squadron was deploying to the north-north-east direction near Kalinin. Its a frontline airfield maybe 7-10 km west of Kalinin.

The germans took the city under heavy firefights. The soviet counterattacks are quiet intense, they bring all efforts to the battle they can.

The reasons for the need of this area are many but all important ones.

The river Twer flows here and is some local shipping lane and natural border. Also the railroad Leningrad to Moscow comes here through.

Our side is holding some territorial spearhead deep into enemy country, and the tip of those spearhead is the city Kalinin, with it ca. 200.000 citizens.


We are flying every day, sometimes two or three times missions, some of us even more. The losses are damn high at both sides and it seems that our lines are overstretched.

Supply transports by rail, trucks and the very important things or personal by air transport are becoming longer in duration, more difficult in execution and thiner by every meter

the Wehrmacht makes deeper into the Sovietunion.

Some Divisions are on Regiment strength, some Regiments on Bataillon strength. But overall I think we are able to push further if the High Commands of the Axis sides are listening

to the demands of the officier corps.


As I wrote you, we are up in the air daily and we try to protect the men on the ground mostly. We could achieve to minimize the casualties on the ground, but gained them in the air.

I shot down several planes in the last missions, but always got heavy or light damages. The man who was sleeping next to me in his bad in our barrack - he felt. Other of our squadrons also or getting wounded.

My emotions are on a high level of agressivnes as everyones else here.

A crazy german pilot had at one of my last missions some tunnel view and by accident I got holes in my machine by him. When we landed I went to him to ask him if he didn't saw me flying there.......it was ending that we insulted each other and his and my comrades divided us quickly.


I sleep badly, but the dog I found is a help. I think he feels it when I am stressed or sad. Than he comes over, looking at me with his dog eyes and it seems that he is laughing at me.

But not in a bad way, just with me and over the human thing - "war".

Veronika, I still have no name for the dog and call him just "dog". That must change. How I shall name him?

I miss you very much.


In love, your marito Salva




Tell mother I take care about myselfe and tell father that the things are going here ....fine so far.

I will write to mother soon when the combat heat is going down a little bit and the Reds are not so focused on Kalinin.





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this is cool.  i like that little plane. fun to strafe with for sure

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