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Jason's Quick Guide to 3.001 Graphics Smoothness

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4 hours ago, hellmincer said:

Applying the stuff from the guide fixed the stutters offline. I can run a 8x8 dogfight with ground objects on the map just fine, scripted campaign is also good. But online is way worse. For example, on Berloga server, even if there a few people around, I basically have a slideshow, even though FPS is the same 20-25 like in offline. Is it because of the ping or just online specific thing? 

I believe that ping is a relevant factor, but depends that is your Internet speed, so wich is your Internet speed?.

Post a screen shot of your graphic settings and completly computer specs.

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I also think it's because of the internet connection, I also thought that the application of the content of the guide can correct the crush offline only, but I understood after that the problem come from my connection which is a little slow.




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Sorry for the late reply, but I figured out the solution. The problem was with the power-saving settings of the GPU of my laptop. Now everything is smooth, even on Berloga.

Once the performance issue is gone, the game looks just fabulous. Very, very impressive work.

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