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[RoF] Flying for the Captain (two-seater action in Breguet, Bristol and Halberstadt)

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S! all


To get you all warm for Flying Circus, and proving that those old kites can be exciting too, here's some footage of the legendary Captain Darling (he's saying "don't call me that" as I'm writing this) manning the guns on two-seaters in multiplayer - as flown around by yours truly. Action in the French Breguet 14.B2, the British Bristol F2B Fighter and the German Halberstadt CL.II.




Stay until after the credits!





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I love the F.E.2b part (after 22nd minute). Love other parts, too (like how you wiped my squadron... told them to stay clear of Breguets the moment you two logged on, but no... ;) ). 

I'm fond od getting onto trouble in WW1 two-seaters myself (the planes here don't appear in Flying Circus, but the sentiment stands).
(How the hell do you embed youtube videos on new forum?)



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We’ve discovered the Fee only days ago! It’s amazingly fun to fly (at least with 10% fuel and at NFF altitudes) and it gives the Captain a great view, so it really is nothing but a slow moving flying turret where I’m just hanging on for dear life, although I’m getting a bit better at it now.


The fights with you J2 gents were the best by far, especially the one where you got us - so I saved that one for last. It’s always better not to turn with two-seaters, as tempting as it may look, or even multi-seaters like the Gotha/Handley/Felixstowe. It’s also best not to think about them as 1 plane, but more like 1+1/2, so a 1-on-1 duel with any fighter is going to place you at a disadvantage unless you can surprise.


Slashing attacks where everyone takes a shot and extends work best, or even if you’re alone, you come from high above, dive below and behind, then use your excess energy to nose up to the two-seater. The Bristol is an extremely fragile but fast plane, while the Halberstadt is tough but slow. The Breguet is a bit ridiculous, strong and silly maneuverable - we call it the Flying Murder House for a reason - but thankfully it won’t be in Flying Circus, and when it comes over eventually I hope there will be an FM/DM review for it.


In the end all I can recommend is that you find someone to fly with and form a pilot/gunner team yourself, it’s been the most rewarding experience in my RoF career, even if I don’t get score credits for the Captain’s kills (which is only fair). It also teaches you all you need to know about facing other two-seaters.


What isn’t shown in the video, is the hours of practice it takes to get used to the other person, and how they will react in such and such situation. Even though the Captain’s always been a great shot, it took us a lot of time to get our first kill flying like this. The rest is history.


And yes, you can fly and gun in a two-seater all by yourself, but I’m not fond of it. It takes skill as well, of course, but it’s even more arcade than some of the antics we pull off. I’m hoping we’ll get a revision of G forces on gunners at some point.


P.S. I managed to embed the video by putting the YouTube URL in the address bar of the browser, removing the s in https://, then dragging and dropping the http:// URL into the post.

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