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Join a group of players easily

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_ Being able to join a group, just like on any team game, have the opportunity to join a group of fighter, or bomber, see before joining his status (ground or flying), then share certain parameters mentioned above, such as the radio frequency and the map filled by the lead with the planned flight plans and the objective.

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Pourquoi après avoir choisi sa nation, nous ne pouvions pas avoir une fenêtre pour créer un groupe et avoir une meilleure interaction entre les joueurs?


Beaucoup volent avec leurs escadrons, mais combien ne volent pas en même temps, ou en solo?
Il pourrait être amusant de se connecter au jeu, même si les coéquipiers vont au lit.
Ce qui est important dans une simulation, c'est de pouvoir regrouper des gens qui ont un objectif commun, et je pense que cela pourrait être un bon outil pour cela.




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Tu penses donc une fonction comparable à SQUAD ou les joueurs individuels peuvent joindre une section ou un groupe? Bonne idée surtout pour

ceux qui veulent voler sérieusement mais sans ètre obligés de rejoindre une escadrille virtuelle.




I think this is a good idea and has a similar aspect like in SQUAD where individuals can join an open squad or platoon. There are a lot of serious

virtual pilots wishing to join a group or squadron without being forced to join a virtual squadron or virtual air force.




P.S: Thinking of your suggestion again - this function might be implemented in the forthcoming "Marshal mode". Still guessing...

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10 hours ago, Axurit said:

What about the Marsal mode ? Do we know many features ?


Well, as you know it was announced, but it never was mentioned again since nor are features confirmed.

I think what you're proposing might be implemented in one or the other way with the Marshal mode, but

alas I do not know what they are planing or if it is still in their objective.

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Yes guys! Those are great idea's and i wonder why i think about playing Squad bit more today then Il-2, its because people i meet in last night in the game that i had fun with. Even if you want to find some people to play with on team speak or discord, the in-game voice chat is best option to check if you like playing with those people and meet them in general rather then chating text during a flight sim which is ridiculous. Also i love that radio effect in Squad which gives that immersion and in Il-2 you could do the same sort of a thing with some (this part is some extra but would be super cool) WW2 inspired quality which will depend on your altitude and how far your from your squad.

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About Marshal Mode

source https://stormbirds.blog/2019/02/06/part-1-an-interview-with-jason-williams-and-daniel-tuseev-il-2-great-battles-series/


You’ve talked about building an Air (and Ground) Marshal feature for a couple of years. How is the planning for that mode coming along and what are you hoping players will be able to get out of having a feature like that once it’s complete?


Jason: “We’re in the initial stages of development now. We’ve agreed to a design and begun optimizations of the GUI which was needed before we start the main building process. The design, if it works, has been improved from my early concept into a really neat system. Our hope is that it will make MP more interesting and increase teamwork as it was in real life. It will be an optional feature for servers if they don’t like it. It could be a game-changer for online wars and all forms of MP if the community takes such a feature seriously and tries to fly like a real coordinated air force.”


Daniel: “Marshall mode design is established and it is already in development. It will be a huge gameplay feature, comparable to Career by complexity of development. If everything will be good – this feature will be done before release of Bodenplatte. This feature also requires many GUI based improvements and optimizations, some of them you will see in 3.010 as a “bonus” from Marshall mode development which is still in progress. In result players on populated multiplayer game servers will have a new layer of gameplay and cooperation. First of all – this feature should bring an obvious and dynamically changed vision to each player of what multiplayer mission objectives are and what is the player coalition strategy and current tactical tasks. Also, it should bring a new proximity to immersion of real aerial battle to the players.”


I hope I hoppe !..........

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9 hours ago, ACG_Nightrise said:

As long as there is a way you could turn it off so i dont have to listen to someone who likes the sound of their own voice to much talk about something totally irrelevant whilst im trying to co ordinate with friends in a fight. 

If they take notes from the multitude of other games with squad systems, the squad lead will be able to kick players out, lock their own squads, it'd be amazing, this idea is brilliant.


You can only hear your own squad members. The big problem with people seems to be not wanting to hear every player on the team at once, that solves the problem. This solution is elegant and has been done a bunch before in other games.


Upon joining the server you'd select to fly solo or join up with a squad with up to 4 pilots.


If they want to get crazy they can have 3 separate radio buttons, 1 for proximity radios, 2 for squad comms and the 3rd would allow squad leads to coordinate with only each other. It's the same way the game SQUAD works.


I could just imagine sitting on the airfield and possibly seeing teams of 3-4 pilots working together it would be incredibly cool.

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This argument is often remembered for fear of unpleasant people.


The addition of a mandatory PTT limits superfluous discussions, and the diffusion of noises.

On squad where the voip is very widely used, even necessary, sometimes mandatory, you never enter anybody tell his life, or what he ate the day before. Everyone knows why he is here and know what to say. And the jokers, when there are some, are quickly dismissed.


And during the start of the aircraft, we see in the actions "radio on" It would also be enough to have a button "radio on / off"

Just as I suppose, they had the ability to adjust the volume in the headphones. Thus we can lower the volume if the vacations do not concern you, not to get tired, but to stay tuned, and take it up when it becomes interresting.



We also read "I already use discord / ts with my team" Okay but with an internal game system, we can continue to talk to his team on discord directly and continuously, and use his "group radio" with the PTT to contact and coordinate with other groups. When you release the PTT you remain free to do what you want.


On the other hand, as written here, it would still be necessary that this VOIP focus be adapted to the use of the radio of each type of aircraft according to the period, and be part of the possible damages.

It would be necessary to be able to reproduce the effects of distances, distortion because of the reliefs.

Propose exactly the same system as squad, and many players would be shocked, which I can understand. It would therefore be necessary on the part of the developers, a big work of research and adaptation, to make it the most historically correct.



But you have to start with something to make it evolve and improve over time.


One can also imagine a system of control on the ground too. You can do a lot of things with communication.

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Hey !!

Jason gave us some explanation on what will be the "battlefield mashall" mode.


"When I can show you all about it I will. We have the early Alpha working, but not ready for Beta yet. It's a system to manage the battle, either Dogfight or a CO-OP. Completely optional for servers, but whatever side has a competent Air Marshal will have an advantage. Information coming into the Marshal can be used to coordinate routes, targets, escorts, create units (from players on the server) and assign a Squadron Commander to those units. And some other tools will be included like a tool for calculating distance and heading and ways to communicate strategy for your side. Marshals who master updating the map and using voice comms effectively will make MP a blast. Think of it as ATC and HQ rolled into one.

My goal was to stop having MP be a game of wandering around looking for the fight with no coordination (a common complaint). My past fun in MP was always within squad based scenarios. There will be built in limits to info and a certain fog of war so not all info is known to everyone. Each Marshal will see his side's activity unless certain conditions are met to see enemy elements. 

I wanted squad play to be more fun and also allow individuals to join and get some direction.  I also wanted there to be a new type of player - The Marshal. I expect some players to just want to do that and get good at it. 


So that is some basic info for you. We're hesitant to say or show much more because we need to make sure it works first. After seeing the pre-Alpha I am cautiously optimistic that it will work as we planned.




It seems extremely interesting !!



But it excludes any voice communication system for now.


  On 25/04/2019 at 23:20, kissklas said:


PS: Are there any plans to bring voice comms into this? I think the possibility to communicate verbally within a group in server (and for leaders to communicate up the chain of command) is maybe the most impactful tool as far as cooperation goes within a server online.



No, not in the cards at the moment. We have no experience working with such technology. You have TS and Discord available to you which work well. I've got a long list of other priorities at the  moment, before I spend time and money on this idea.




Would not it be possible to work this with plugins and TS filters as it is done on other games? Who could communicate with the game with commands in the plane on the radio, ON OFF, level, PTT and frequencies if available? Or can it be modable? I ask the question in an inocent way, I have no competence in this area.


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I think the idea is brilliant and could help bring some deeper teamplay and tactics into the game. 

There are titles out there who are really successfull using this feature in their game!

I just bounced into this post because i was wondering if SRS (DCS) could work in IL2 as it is an amazing tool to boost communication on the Servers there.


For a VOIP solution integrated into IL2 actually only 2 Channels would be needed:


1. Command - for coms between flightleaders to coordinate (Also the Marshal could be here...)

2. Flight - for coms within the flight


And if you don't join a Flight/Group you are simply not in the Radio-Environment and can go on talking in TS/Discord - EASY!


A bit of a rework to the UI and done :) (Ok, its not that easy but.... hey... only a bit of effort can create awesome things!)

I feel though, that to connect such a system to the damage model or try to match historical accuracy regarding radio possibilities is a bit over the top and would scare me -if i was a DEV- to the death. Same stands for a poss. to mark and share your planned flightpaths... If you could get a Simple Radio in the game as a first step... it would be a blast!


The previous post is a bit old - any other news on this topic?


Regards, Graf



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I've been playing Il2 for years, but I find the multiplayer is really, really alienating.  Really tough for someone who plays a few hours per week to casually drop in and actually have a good time because of how socially fragmented the community is into different discord/ts servers.  From a "user experience" point of view, it seems like a no brainer to take some ownership over the "shape" of the game experience rather than just delegating responsibility to the community to do it.   Better in game communication / organization tools  would make it more approachable in ways that the existing 'crutches' for new players like markers and simple engine management don't.  


I know this will rub a lot of people against the grain, but I really don't think radios need to be historical.  I think they primarily should be designed to actually make the game fun and a little more approachable.

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