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Copy/Paste settings plus ZOOM for best spotting and ID! Odyssey+, Pimax5K+, Rift S, Rift!

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I have this problem with the mod when I zoom 10x and 5x I’ll get som wired zoom so I have to either close one Eye or cross my eyes to se. 

I have tried deleting the mod and downloading it again but the same problem happens. 


I have the Rift CV1 

please help me

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By coincidence I have a CV1 here right now and just checked, it's working correctly. There must have been a mistake in the installation of the mod on your computer.


I can only recommend you to either troubleshoot, or quickest uninstall the game, delete all remains (make sure to backup your input folder before), then reinstall the game, and then install the mod on a clean game, by following the order precisely including calling by F12.

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