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Why is Battle of Kuban not on Steam?

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I do not understand the reason why they do not put this on Steam. Many players use it. It is the best place to keep your games all in one place.




Possibly because it hasn't actually been released yet?  It's currently available in early access to those who bought/pre-ordered direct from the BoX store instead of through Steam - not sure how or if Steam users can get to it until it's actually been finished and released.


You can preorder on the website and activate the key (log in with the account details you use to connect to the server when starting the game on steam), then you simply log in via Steam (BoS) and have access to everything available/activated on your account.

Plus if you buy on the website, I believe they get to keep a higher percentage of your money and don´t have to give that much of a share to Steam.


PS: You can get a Steam key later on if you preordered, Not that you would need it at all though, since Steam requires you to have BoS to add additional content/packages, it acts as the base game on that platform.

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So, if I have my game on steam and buy the Yak 1B (which is only available on this website) can I play with it now ?

Or should I have to wait until its official realease on steam ?


You will be able to play with it now.  Lovely it is too :salute:


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