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Dynamic Mission, by TheOden.

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This SP mission, although based unique template - player will notice the same convoys in the Channel every day - change starting hour, clouds and daily events and counts lost of both side.
Player don't receive a "to-do" briefing, the actual briefing after first flight is a report based on last days events, informing looses from both sides, and remaining planes in your squadron.
But are a important detail in briefing:
Verify tail number 'D', serial no. 'P3165' and check your callsign in <Player Plane>
Set this numbers (vary from squadron) is necessary for mission script track player plane, and if not set correctly can duplicate flights, sometimes with "disastrous" result on take-off. Callsing - usually "Caribou" is just for memorize and know when "controller" are talking with you.
Install: Before unpack files, right click over ZIP file and in Properties, tab General, tick "Unblock". 
Drop files in some Folder inside Single Missions, e.g. the DynMis5 of ZIP file.
...Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\missions\Single\DynMis5\
After go to this folder and check if all files are unblocked, in some remain this cause mission just repeat over and over again without progress.
Custom skins place in Paint Schemes\Skins:
...Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\PaintSchemes\Skins\
Add to Conf.ini file (Documents\1c..dover\ folder), under [rts] section:
Run the mission from Single Player options, selecting one of available squads (British or German or Italian).
Some squadrons are based on airfield a "bit far", e.g. Biggin Hill, but when return from first mission player can request "transfer" for some airfield near "Hellfire Corner", using Mission menu (TAB-4-6 and requesting bearing in TAB-4-5).
Eventually due lost their squadron can be retreat for rear airfields, as well a damaged airfield can be closed.
After take-off player just need follow the front section - that soon will "afterburn" and disappear from view (CloD AI behavior after take-off), so ignore then and follow "Fighter Command" instructions on radio for find enemy.
Bearing (on vertical) in this report is one that player need follow for intercept enemy.
This same "controller" instruction for intercept pop-up briefly on top of screen in orange text.
As this radio (Info Window) contains a lot of "chit-chat" could be turned off (hold Alt, click above, select close) - but do this if know how create new Info Windows, as "open" a closed Info Window is not possible.
Instead await controller instructions, player can ask with TAB-4-4.
A gameplay consideration: Even if player is "greedy GPS follower" is important know how navigate by plane instruments.
Due "dynamic" nature of mission, waypoints for nearest enemy flights is not available on "GPS" (map), only a waypoint for a Hunting waypoint (a stylized hunter icon), that can be changed at any moment based on events.
And as "radar" coverage is limited, enemy planes icons will show over map at given range.
So, for don't fly blind or became lost is important use compass and directional gyro.
But the "mor'difficult, mor'real" used (intentional or accidental) in cockpit views for see this instruments in British planes turn use then a difficult and unpleasant experience.
Both instruments are hidden behind control column and spade grip - specially in Hurricane.
Player not using TrackIR or similar need press and hold right and middle mouse buttons, move mouse left-front-right, and again to be able to see compass, read the magnetic heading and adjust directional gyro:
In German planes is easy read the compass - don't require directional gyro, and player even can "cheat" placing mouse over compass and read directions in digital information on pop-up.
The in game map "GPS" can be customized, by right click over and un-tick the undesired icons, as well icon size changed - bellow from 32 to 64 (right).
At left default map, at right only with player plane and path for Hunting waypoint (called Check point in radio), path is dependent of player plane icon, so this is the minimum cleanup possible for "GPS" screen.
Too due mission "dynamic" nature AI flights don't have landing waypoint, thus for avoid decimate their own squadron player need deceive wingman's about their intention to landing.
When aligned with runway order "Line Abreast" formation (TAB-6-2-7) and moments latter "Far formation" (TAB-6-1-4), the trick work well, if  not done too low.
Player video of this mission. 
This mission is good training for player get used with "radar" information necessary in MP servers "full switch". 
Finally, since this mission script has more than 5000 lines and CloD "It's CloD!" to verify if all are OK right click over screen and in VIEW AIRCAFT look if several British and German planes are listed - meaning that scrip run OK.
But if are listed only you squadron (~4 planes) something goes "kaput", check install instructions. 
BTW - Previous edit attempt make this post goes "kaput", so need re-post, trying condense the 'blah-blah-blah" (without success).   :)
Edited by Sokol1
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Thanks to Oden for creating this, and to Sokol for his posts and links.  :salute:

See also this thread:



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Oden's site is down and has been for a good few days now.

Has anyone goth the latest version they could post?

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Has anyone got the latest Dynamic Mission V 7?


Oden links are dead and have been for a couple of months now.

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