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The new Channel map in RoF...


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So, I bought the new Channel map in RoF and even though it's smaller than the old CloD map and less detailed, it sure works for what it's supposed to be - the thing that you don't want to crash into while trying to shoot down other planes in the sky ;)


The thought immediately arises... Now you have that map, CloD is dead so no competitor to upset, and you have shown that you can import the CloD objects into RoF WWII (at least the externals). So how about doing some Spits and 109:s on that maps as an appetizer for Stalingrad? Put it up for sale at $29 as a Beta release for people interested in testing RoF WWII and release it Q2/Q3 2013. I think you could get some nice funding for the continued work on Stalingrad that way :) You need to do the cockpits, systems, DM, FM etc for the 109E anyway as it was used for ground attack in Stalingrad. The early Spits would be extra work but come on - they are just the most iconic fighter planes ever made even though they did not see service on the eastern front (but the Mk V:s did)... 


And no, I'm not that serious about this proposal - but dreaming is nice :)

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Naw is rof map, you jelly bro?



Sup Sop? ;)


Nash and I were up on xmas.. We need to do another three-some! ;)


But prob have to wait for 777 to do a hot patch for the last update.. The sound bug is happening all the time now! Makes it really hard to enjoy the game!

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