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New joystick

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Just purchased a Logitech extreme pro.

Works well.

Cannot however get the hat switch to pan view in both clod blitz and BOS

Can you direct me to what part of set up in both games I need to go to activate this.

Simple instruction# please I am returning to flight sims after many years absence.

I have how3ver got it registering as working in the properties and calibrate in the control panel

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CloD camera control only allow use POV HAT for SNAP VIEW (momentary views with return to center) and PAN VIEW (incremental ~ 45 degrees angles without returr to center), no option smooth "pan view" like in modern games. Can change between two modes with F9 key.


In CLOD go to Options > Controls > Keys tab > SNAP VIEW and PAN VIEW category select a view, eg. look right, double click over and press the POV HAT, after set all press APPLY. A POV HAT can't cover all view options available (some useless, e.g. look at seat :rolleyes: ) so map only the most important: left, right, back, up... center.


BoS offer more camera modea, too selectable with F9 key.


If none of this modes respond to POV HAT is need assign in Settings > Key Mapping  > Pilot Head Control

selecting a view, moving the POV HAT. 


Views options names are a bit "enigmatic" e.g. Pilot Head Snap Position: Right.


In both games star a Quick Mission (in CloD select "Cross Country - can select other plane than default Blenheim clicking over their picture) and with plane on runway press ESC go to options and assign POV HAT, save (APPLY or OK) go back to game and test, if need do changes repeat the process.


May help: https://www.justflight.com/support/il2-cliffs-of-dover/15e7fd7


For BoS look at this videos: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=il-2+battle+of+stalingrad+joystick+settings

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