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Single Player Campaigns

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A lot of great campaigns have been made over the years, 

I have saved my collection here : 

NB: I do not have any credit for this great works (I'll try to add some more credits and details on campaigns, let me know if you are authors and want any change/suppression), and have not tested with TF 4, so some scripting might not work...

This includes 17 campaigns, some (*, iirc) are my translations from Russian ones. 
Others come from Airwarfare or other places, long time ago.

  • REDUX from Heinkill for TF : GB and DE
  • Ju88: KG1 and KG54
  • Ju-87: II StG 1*
  • Me110: Erpr GR. 210 (Me110)*
  • Bf109: JG26 (in Russian...) , III/JG26, JG53 PikAs, two on Dunkirk (bd and dk), one Eagle Day (Adler Tag)*
  • Spitfire: Spitfire on my tail 1 and 2, Spitfire dawn
  • Hurricane: Battle of France*, Battle of Britain*



There is also the full campaigns.ini


To install place capaigns.ini together with the folders (after unzipping each one) in ..\IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Blitz\parts\bob\mission\campaign\


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Late to the party but many thanks! I just fired up CLOD after a while away and was looking for SP content. 

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Please, I´m Trying some of this campaigns in my TF 4.5 Install, and after one our 2 missions. when I left game and reopen again to continue campaings, no next mission our continue button? kust new campaing? Im missing some thing?

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Posted (edited)

Campaign progress are saved in:


...Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\mission\campaign\"Campaign name folder"


in a file "state.ini", contend:


  battleIndex 0


When you fly some missions, e.g. two, the number in file change in accord:


  battleIndex 2


Then, or  your campaign progress folder are in wrong place e.g.


...Documentos\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover - MOD\mission\campaign\"Campaign name folder"


'MOD' is not longer used in 4.50, only up to 4.312.


Or Windows UAC for your account are set high, prevent creation of .INI file in Documents.

Check if the file exist, can create one manually, set "battleIndex 2" and will be able to fly mission # 3.

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Sokol, muito obrigado, thx a lot, problem perfectly solved!

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