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Suggestions for those with Crash problems

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Hello All





TF recommends those people having a problem with crashes turn off their Steam Overlay.


You can still take screenshots with your 'Print Scrn' button.




Crash errors and other errors are stored in the windows events database. You can look at them through the event viewer.


How to open:


Once open, select "application" on the left and look for errors on the right. Something like this:


The error shown below will have the information we need for diagnosis.



For initial diagnostics it is best to post the full crash error you see come up.


Some of these errors are easily linkable to a cause.

For example in the error you might see the following:

The "BadImageFormatException" is because something is running at 32 bits (either windows or an overlay running in the background).

The "PermissionDeniedException" is due to not having permissions to read or write some file. Most likely due to not running the game as an Admin, or previously having created the Documents folder as an Admin and not doing it for the 4.5 install.



We recommend those who are having problems to enable the logfile.


This is done in the conf.ini file in your Documents/1C SoftClub/il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover/ folder.





This keeps a record of the game operation in a file called:  log.txt


When you have a problem, open the log file, look at what is there and post it in the technical assistance forum.

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A little help! My Steam IL-2 CLOD Blitz will not launch. When I click PLAY within Steam, I briefly see the message box that says "preparing to launch....etc" and then nothing. I do not get any error messages. 

Steam overlay is disabled.


I already have IL-2 BOS & IL-2 BOM and they work fine at MAX settings.


My specs are: 


Intel i7 7700k

STRIX-GTX 1080 series 


Windows 10 64bits



I checked the event viewer and found the following error:


"Faulting application name: Launcher64.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x59c99be6

Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 10.0.16299.15, time stamp: 0x4736733c
Exception code: 0xe0434352
Fault offset: 0x0000000000013fb8
Faulting process id: 0x1028
Faulting application start time: 0x01d375c8dc19acb2
Faulting application path: E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Blitz\Launcher64.exe
Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNELBASE.dll
Report Id: 4af6cda5-8fee-4e7c-ac82-54ff1e3bc9de
Faulting package full name: 
Faulting package-relative application ID: 


more details:



Launcher64.exe       59c99be6       KERNELBASE.dll       10.0.16299.15       4736733c       e0434352       0000000000013fb8       1028       01d375c8dc19acb2       E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Blitz\Launcher64.exe       C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNELBASE.dll       4af6cda5-8fee-4e7c-ac82-54ff1e3bc9de


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I am having an issue in Cliff of Dover Blitz, It keeps hanging at the opening screen and sits there. Here is my log file. Any help would be awesome.


- <System>
  <Provider Name="Application Hang" />
  <EventID Qualifiers="0">1002</EventID>
  <TimeCreated SystemTime="2018-01-20T03:32:30.706401100Z" />
  <Security />
- <EventData>
  <Data>E:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Blitz\Launcher64.exe</Data>
  <Data />
  <Data />


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Personally I have problems if I push esc or right click and chose back to menu. It gives no message but the game do not respond to anything after going back to menue. It did not happened when I played in my old pc running Win 7

[09:49:00]	Load landscape...
[09:49:03]	Load bridges
[09:49:03]	LongBridge: wrong width. (BRIDGE_RAIL_SMALL)
[09:49:03]	Load static objects...
[09:49:14]	Battle starting...

Steam overlay is disabeled

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Hello to everyone

Having trouble with Clod blitz I'm wondering for solution...any help will be appreciated..

The issue is that the game start regularly but, even at low grafic settings, the game freezes 1/2 seconds every 10/15 seconds and it's definitely unplayable. Often after 10 minutes the game crashs. No overlay ,I've checked files integrity and other posts on the same argument for solutions...no way😫

My specs : AMD Ryzen 7 2700 - 16 Gb ram corsair - MSI x 370 gaming mobo - Nvidia GTX 1060 6gb GPU - hdd samsung evo 500 gb.

IL-2 great battles are running great on this pc at max grafic settings.

my last log file

------------ BEGIN log session -------------
[18:02:26]    Loading mission ...
[18:02:27]    Load landscape...
[18:02:31]    Load bridges
[18:02:31]    LongBridge: wrong width. (BRIDGE_RAIL_SMALL)
[18:02:32]    Load static objects...
[18:02:34]    Spawn.get( Vehicle.custom_chief56 ) NOT FOUND
[18:02:34]    Mission: ActorSpawn for 'Stationary.Airfield.90_cm_SearchLight_UK1' not found
[18:02:34]    Mission: ActorSpawn for 'Stationary.Airfield.90_cm_SearchLight_UK1' not found
[18:02:34]    Mission: ActorSpawn for 'Stationary.Airfield.90_cm_SearchLight_UK1' not found
[18:02:34]    Mission: ActorSpawn for 'Stationary.Airfield.90_cm_SearchLight_UK1' not found
[18:02:34]    Mission: ActorSpawn for 'Stationary.Airfield.90_cm_SearchLight_UK1' not found
[18:02:34]    Mission: ActorSpawn for 'Stationary.Airfield.90_cm_SearchLight_UK1' not found
[18:02:34]    Mission: ActorSpawn for 'Stationary.Airfield.90_cm_SearchLight_UK1' not found
[18:02:34]    Server: gerriraz volerà per le forze Rosso.
[18:02:36]    Mission loaded. time = 9,233
[18:02:37]    Battle starting...[18:02:37]    Server: Inizia la battaglia!
[18:02:37]    ok
[18:03:59]    ERROR: HierMesh: Can't find chunk 'UC0'
[18:03:59]    =================================================
[18:03:59]    System.Runtime.InteropServices.SEHException (0x80004005): Eccezione lanciata da un componente esterno.
[18:03:59]       in corelib.CoreERROR(SByte* )
[18:03:59]       in corelib.HierMeshObj.GetChunkIdxByName(HierMeshObj* , SByte* name)
[18:03:59]       in maddox.core.WHMesh.chunkFind(String name)
[18:03:59]       in UXgwGfogaxBo60Rbgj421G1IPoK.IJdckd7FDe9pD2jvDHd3wAydXAYA(String , Boolean )
[18:03:59]       in Z60bFr8lxMKYzbH7KWw1b44jBH9.pgbQsnbdaPykq7GzPf6KERsRLsz(B7ArO92amTCig0vTecuE3jFJs6Z , LimbNames , Boolean , Boolean )
[18:03:59]       in fCB798RdxEAWjhwdnTvTdp7ar2g.osnvPtkujegnM4rtxE2Mqiwmt7b.aHph7lkOOvLZ2wHFtW6m1eA0PcB()
[18:03:59]       in fCB798RdxEAWjhwdnTvTdp7ar2g.osnvPtkujegnM4rtxE2Mqiwmt7b.fLHgsl9an0O23NCZJDc3t1a4GGe()
[18:03:59]       in fCB798RdxEAWjhwdnTvTdp7ar2g.AQydc7B3ydYKrmIOCwy1eDor0gM.lHdvIjN56jm95d88hE95orchDph()
[18:03:59]       in fCB798RdxEAWjhwdnTvTdp7ar2g.sgZqt0MYTfew9OsGEeXBZQziA3j(Boolean )
[18:03:59]       in ZZ3v2qR8QYDdmjMSaNtiGXraiIs.rSPpLaTaV0RoGlnEjZiPFDqM2It(Double )
[18:03:59]       in ZZ3v2qR8QYDdmjMSaNtiGXraiIs.rSPpLaTaV0RoGlnEjZiPFDqM2It(Double )
[18:03:59]       in ZZ3v2qR8QYDdmjMSaNtiGXraiIs.BepKRIhbl1JfZ0DtXSxYI8nuW8c(Double )
[18:03:59]       in MTT9lNj8lJ6ra4FmsFhzzuJiDOI.cPHeNovcRt5ujAEN4ZbGqs2ZgAj(Double )
[18:03:59]       in UXgwGfogaxBo60Rbgj421G1IPoK.PODTAVNe5lbSWCn9EMF9icNRRnb.uopOGmgfMmIOj7rdkW6Z5YFgT8e()
[18:03:59]       in JqpDkScSWxwXQEnTA3ax9psJGkk.uopOGmgfMmIOj7rdkW6Z5YFgT8e()
[18:03:59]       in vI69CsV6CetDh1umDvXtWBZbJNu.mloHigBaOVnKzAupCC3fFBR2JS1()
[18:03:59]    =================================================
[18:03:59]    Server: gerriraz Hurricane I (DH 5-20) (G-AAAA) Pilota is dead.
[18:03:59]    Server: Hurricane I (DH 5-20) (G-AAAA) pilotato da gerriraz si è schiantato a terra.
[18:04:27]    Server: La battaglia termina.
[27/10/2018 18:04:31]    -------------- END log session -------------


If anyone have suggestions ...

thank you in advance

good flights to all


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Hello Gerriraz


Can you let us know your settings in game?  What is your resolution, video settings, etc.?


Is the epilepsy filter on?  If it is on, that will be a big source of your problems with low fps and crashes... unless you have issues with this disability, there is no need for the filter.


Did you delete the cache file in 'Documents/1C SoftClub/il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover'?



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Hello Buzzsaw

No epilepsy filter at all.....resolution 1920x1200 60hz....at last test I've tried  graphic settings are all on low, Aa on 2, no vsync...a little bit more fluid but far from performance I have with Bos and Bom with almost at max settings.(60/80 fps)...strange thing is that I was able to run clod(4.312) at very decent frame rate with a lot of fun on a old machine with a amd phenom 955x2 8 gb ram ddr3 and an old Nvidia gts 450...I did'nt delete cache yet...I'll give it a try.Maybesomething went wrong developing 4.5 version?😊😊😊

Edited by gerriraz

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