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The Game Screenshot Thread

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More X-Plane gliding: ridge-soaring the ASK 21 over Aoraki/Mount Cook, New Zealand. 😎


12,800 ft on the clock. I'd been another 100 ft or so up at my highest point. This is looking back the way I came, up the ridges on the right.



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"The lights in the sky..." :)



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2 hours ago, [N.O.G.F]Leon_Portier said:

@Trooper117 I´m planning on getting SC too! Hope its easy for beginners of that gerne of game.


Trooper's screenshots are of Elite Dangerous, not SC.


More X-Plane mountaineering, this time in the Andes. That's Aconagua in the distance, at 22,837 ft the highest mountain outside Asia.



28 minutes later, I'm at the top. Or rather, 300+ ft above it, in a healthy updraft. Hard to get any higher though, as the area of lift gets smaller as you climb.


I've done Everest too, but I cheated somewhat by starting with a winch launch from Syangboche airstrip, at 12,500 ft.  I'll probably try it again sometime from an airfield I can actually get back to. Not sensible with Syangboche, as I'd be landing downwind on a short runway with a mountain face at the end...


Anyone else trying this in X-Plane should remember to turn off hypoxia.

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F-86 on patrol over Korea, heading for MiG Alley.



At 50,000ft one surely has slipped the surly bonds of Earth.

She doesn't quite like it up here - I'm in moderate buffet all the time.



Coming back into the pattern above some undisclosed UN airfield in South Korea.



Turning base. Quite a nice view this evening.



Base-to-final turn. Dirtied up, she flies like a champ, too!



On a low-level fam/ navigation trip over an undisclosed town in southern Korea.



I guess that qualifies me for the Mach Busters Club!



Base-to-final after an uneventful mission over Korea.

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