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The Game Screenshot Thread

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Nice job refuelling Brems, always an art form!


Its why I want to get a Virpil throttle, lol.


My new desktop,




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'Tarbox 201' to the rescue!




Playing around on the Styx server and mostly getting owned by AI.

Got to learn quite a bit more about interacting with Jester...




Going after that A-50 lurking on my RWR.


...and I got owned by two MiG-28s.

Jester locked some &T&%/%) enemy aircraft 75NM away, when there were two MiG-28 fat, dumb and happy right onmy nose at 20NM.

I managed to squeeze off as Sidewinder at the high guy, but the low guy got us in the weeds...




'Ripper 106' going for that other A-50 on the other corner of the map...




Nothing spectacular happened. I volleyed four Phoenix in the face of that big, fat, fokker and needless to say - the first missile worked as advertised and the other three were just big, fancy, expensive self-destructing fireworks...


There were other guys plopping in, so I went for the southern A-50 (turned out to be protected by MiG-23s) with two Sparrows and two Sidewinders remaining.

I squeezed off the two Sparrows, but the MiG-23 I attacked was conveniently destroyed by a STANDARD SAM in front of my eyes.

More expensive, self-destruction fireworks...


Well I guess wasting taxpayers' money is tax-deductable, or something..


Back to the boat, I guess.




What a revelation. Without the Phoenixes (and now even down two Sparrows), she stops handling like a schoolbus full of pregnant nuns and actually feels a tad like a fighter!

Into the break! Disreagard the non-standard pattern entry. it's for the lack of your own safety!




After a warm-diarrhea break, I manage to actually not do all that bad on downwind and manage to get her somewhere near on-speed.

Using rudders only, I roll into a lag-turn.


You know, L-A-G, as in long-a**-groove...



Trap sheet says I can keep my wings.

Well, at least for now.


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0_0 - 2021-01-12T135733.824.jpg

0_0 - 2021-01-12T135721.193.jpg

0_0 - 2021-01-11T232625.344.jpg

0_0 - 2021-01-12T135740.420.jpg

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VF-51 on detachment in Israel. Takeoff from Ramat David in easterly direction for a patrol in south-westerly Syria and Libanon.




Heading northeast towards Damascus, the syrian capitol.




Cruising high above Syria after turning west towards the Mediterranean Sea.




Flying at FL400 and mach 0.78 to conserve fuel.




Going feet wet north of Beirut.




After turning south and crossing back over into israeli airspace, we're going low-level along the coast.

The low level-route brings us back around east to intercept the Jordan River.


Arriving back at Ramat David we're doing a quick airshow over the field and to three touch'n'goes.

Total flight-time just under 2h with 3000lbs of gas to spare.


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Screen Shots taken were using a 1660 Super and 3060 ti at full Bling settings for each GPU used.

Graphics look pretty darn good. 3 ctd during game play on different days. I don't mind this title for an rpg, having fun playing it.






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10 minutes ago, Feathered_IV said:

Mostly because nobody bothers to say what the f*k they are.

Yep, true, true. The screens I posted last were from Cyberpunk 2077.

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