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Rudder pedals not being detected

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Hey guys,


I've been playing Il-2 thus far using a Speed Link Black Widow joystick (this; https://www.amazon.com/SPEEDLINK-Black-Widow-Flightstick-pc/dp/B0001ZN4WU/ref=sr_1_2/141-8261592-9821813?ie=UTF8&qid=1511688290&sr=8-2&keywords=speedlink+black+widow).However, the other day I managed to bust the rudder pedals on the throttle and so I decided to buy a set of pedals to use on the floor; a nice excuse for better immersion, right?


Anyhow, I got my hands on a Sven Turbo Racing Wheel with pedals (this; http://www.sven.fi/en/catalog/controllers/turbo.htm)since I play a lot of Elite Dangerous and Euro Truck Sim so I figured I could use it with those titles. But Sturmovik is really having some problems:


The issue is that the pedals are plugged straight into the wheel, which is then plugged into the PC via USB. Sturmovik picks up the wheel as though it's a second joystick. When I press the pedals to bind the yaw function, the keys aren't being detected. The pedals work fine on other games, though, even when I have the joystick plugged in.


Is there any workaround? With hindsight it seems it would've been better to get somes tandalone pedals that plug straight into the PC, but I didn't know this would be an issue.




Looking under the Game Controllers menu on Windows, I can see the joystick listed under 'USB Game Controllers' while the pedals seem to be listed separately as a 'PC Game Controller;' pressing the pedals shows feedback on that screen.



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