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Team Speak How To Tutorial????

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I fly regularly and multiplayer and would like to use teamspeak, I have the headphones and mic but don't know how to set it up and then participate in an

online server.

Would someone please  furnish a simple/detailed step by step tutorial, and it would be most appreciated. 


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1) download a client

2) install a client

3) run a client

4) click on Connect.

5) type in the server url, or ip, and optionally port number (or if necessary a password)

6) once connected you'll be dropped in to a Lobby. If there are people in the Lobby you'll be able to chat with them immediately.

7) you can also create your own 'channel' within the server you're connected (if the server allows for that). Right-click on the server, select "create channel". You can name it, assign pwd, etc, and then instruct your buddies to join that server and then join your channel.

8) in TS client options make sure you select the appropriate audio devices for sound, i.e. soundcard for output, mic for input (if they're not default in Windows)

9) TS client automatically detects your voice and transmits it when it's over a certain loudness (db). You can also disable this feature and assign a Push-to-Talk button, i.e. the client will transfer your speech only after you push that button.


that's about it.

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