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BOX profile for KEYSPEECH. Issue radio commands with your voice.

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I have created a Il-2 BOS profile for Keyspeech and I wanted to share it with the community.

Keyspeech is a software that uses voice recognition to issue key commands to the desired program or game. Keyspeech is a payware software that can be found here:
DISCALIMER: I am not keyspeech developer or related to him in any way.

I am just a user who creates profiles for this software because it feels more immersive to issue radio commands "talking on the radio" than typing. Besides, once everything is configured, there is no need to touch the keyboard or remember the key-combo to issue orders to the wingmen. I don't own any VR headset, but it could come in handy too for VR users.

I use it extensively when I play Falcon BMS, both online and offline. IMHO the use of voice activated commands in BOX is mainly useful for offline gaming, to issue the radio commands to wingmen when player is the flight lead.

Besides the STD phrases defined by the devs, I have created "synonyms" phrases for each of the available radio commands. A list of all phrases can be found in the profile download.
This profile would work with the STD keyboard assignments for radio commands in BOS.

Latest version 1.0 05-NOV-2017

Profile can be loaded here-> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B74--7vBdS_nYXo1SFUxQTRQWmc/view?usp=sharing
MIRROR- http://www.share-online.biz/dl/4N5KOYYOHNA

Installation - The rar file includes the profile file (.xml) and a text document with all the available phrases for each command. Just copy the "__IL-2 BOS V1.0.xml" to the "Profile Folder" in the KEYSPEECH installation folder.

Next time you right-click on the keyspeech tray icon and select "settings" the profile will be there for you.


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What about other languages beside EG? Can we record or make profiles for Greek ? Never used speech recognition before so I don’t know how it works within windows.

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What about other languages beside EG? Can we record or make profiles for Greek ? Never used speech recognition before so I don’t know how it works within windows.

I've never tried any language other than English, so i can´t really tell.


What I know is that some versions of windows 7, depending on the OS language, didn't have the English Speech Recognition included.


I think your best shot is to ask the developer of keyspeech directly. You can send him a message form the support page of his website.


I hope the software is able to deal with other languages so you can make your own Greek profile

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I have never tried tried Voice Attack.

I started using voice commands with Falcon and I've tried Shoot, Voice Activated Commands (VAC) and Keyspeech.


Shoot does not work well with newer OS after XP.

In my experience, both VAC and Keyspeech work very well when playing offline, but my problem is that I couldn't use VAC when playing online due to the high percentage of "false positives positives".


I was discussing this false topic on the BMS forums.




I encountered a lot of problems to use VAC online, because VAC is desperately trying to "recognize" phrases. That is not a problem when playing offline, becuase you do not talk to anybody else other than the AI, and all the radio calls should fall into one of the vac profile phrases.

BIG BIG problem is when you try to use VAC online to play with your sqn mates and it produces a lot of false positives. By false positive i mean, for example, when you say to your sqn buddy over the radio "I am going to grab a beer" and VAC understands "tower request taxi" and types "t5" for you. It is an idotic example, but just to give a rough idea.

Kespeech instead, can be used online with almost no false positives, even when it is listening to the normal sqn chat over the radio because you can adjust how "picky" the voice recognition is.

My config is as follows:

UHF and VHF switches on my cougar are mapped to UHF/VHF transmit for IVC but at the same time both are mapped as keyspeech PTTs.

That means that whenever I tell to my human wingman over IVC "U are a useless piece of shit!!!"(and that happens almost on every flight LOL), keyspeech is listening, but since my accuracy setting is set to a high 92%, keyspeech is not likely to understand it as a command.

On the other hand, when I say over IVC "Chalis, Falcon 11 request picture", all my sqn mates will listen to that over IVC and so will keyspeech. So keyspeech will recognize the call as a "AI" command and will type Q1 for me.

Bottomline, all players on AWACS freq will listen to my call, as if it was a real picture call, and then they will listen AWCAS reply, and I do all that just with my voice and the comms switch.

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Ok I got my answer posting to help others, the after mentioned programs use the database of windows for understanding words, the good thing is that you can teach your windows new words by just recording them and name them and they can be used.


I got and tested the Voice attack one and man I like it a lot! It’s nice to give voice commands to gunners or fire a flare or drop landing gear or... you know where I m going, and in your native language too. Good find mate thank you.




Click 'Start' and then 'Control Panel'. If you can not see the, 'Speech Recognition' item, click on the 'View' list and select either, 'large icons' or 'small icons'.


Click on, 'Speech Recognition'.


Click on, 'Start Speech Recognition'. This launches the Windows Speech Recognition application.


Right-click on the microphone icon and then select, 'Open the Speech Dictionary'.


Click on 'Add a new word'.


Enter the new word or phrase to recognize and then click, 'Next'.

As the instructions indicate, if your phrase is not obvious, you will want to record a pronunciation. This will train your speech engine to recognize this new phrase much better.


Click, 'Finish'.


If you chose to record a pronunciation, click, 'Record' when you are ready.


Your new phrase is ready to be recognized!

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