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Wishlist: "IL-2 BoX: The Multiplayer Update"

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Absolutely love the recent additions and tweaks.  The Kuban map is a delight, the flight model update is really nice, and I dunno if it's just Reshade and my new headset, but the graphics and sound are stellar as well.


I'm really looking forward to all the new planes coming out, as well as the Pacific theatre and beyond, but if I could have just one wish (aside from the IL-2 canopy not being a death sentence in a dive), it would be a dedicated multiplayer update.


There are a large number of things that could go into this, but what would be awesome right out of the gate:


  • Reworked chat interface.  Tabs, scrollable history, logging to file, whispers, global tab, side tab, sector tabs, fighter/bomber/attacker tabs, looking for escort tab, etc.
  • Configurable Server Logging Output to "Events" chat tab... shows history of successful attacks (friendly and enemy) on objectives, gives readout of players landing kills/ground targets destroyed.
  • Server view to see who is on-line from inside the client, what map, season, timeframe, time left in mission
  • Queuing system that allows more than one person to connect at once, even if we have to wait, just so we stop getting dumped to the server menu over and over
  • Improved logging mechanisms for scoring and sortie tracking
  • Reworked Dserver with improved performance, ability to reset itself when hung, etc
  • Built-in webserver with statistics/enhanced API for dedicated statistics DB/remote webserver
  • In-game kneeboard/shareable flight planner with heading indicator/etc (essentially what CuriousGambler did with http://il2missionplanner.com/, just integrated in the game)
  • (Option) Voting options for report/kick/ban/map change configurable by server admins
  • (Option) Dedicated slots for server admins (that don't show as available in the server browser)
  • Player-configurable loadouts/skins for craft on a per-server (and perhaps per-map) basis.  E.g., "IL-2 1941 Winter Airfield Attack" might be defaulted to "White Skin, 2x250KG bombs, 23mm Mixed Belt, 50% fuel" or whatever
  • Squad system/rank integrated into IL2 website/game servers... allow squad leaders to add/remove officially, include highlight over official tag in-game. 
  • In-game voice comms (with easy to squelch turd players option).  Side/Squad/Proximity voice comms with authentic 1940s radio filter.



Thanks for your consideration.



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Oh, forgot one thing:  I would absolutely support a Kickstarter/Other Crowd Funding Option to facilitate aiding in this development work being done, and I know there are at least a few others who would do so as well.

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I agree about that chat interface, chatting with the team is clunky (ctrl-enter?) can't see old messages, don't need to see player join/leave or ping kick messages, perhaps there could be "squads" players join to organize the team better and a separate squad chat, maybe even squad leader or team commander role that can designate objectives.

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That little girl reminds me of my 3 girls  :( except instead of a window that's my wallet!!

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