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My Screenshot Collection

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Hallo ladies and gents, I've just got into screenshots on Il2, and i must say, It is quite a beautiful sim. So enjoy the screenshots, i might post more in the future depending on the response, Enjoy!






4M4pers.jpg 3VkLO0p.jpg Mmj9rgK.jpg uvSxmy8.jpg 6G5Swen.jpg kQUTy5C.jpg MKODWeo.jpg wbchaOl.jpg

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Way to go, man. You remind me of myself, in the original Il2. I used to make screenshots, and eventually dabbled in Il2 comics. They sucked hardcore but I loved doing it. Looking forward to following your content somehow. Maybe an instagram or imgur account? IDK. Im not up to speed with photosharing/blogs and all that. 

Back in 2005 or so I had a geocities website with my screenshots, also deviantart was the best thing since sliced bread for us gaming photography geeks. I started to make comics: https://lethalhobo.deviantart.com/art/1944-Rhubarb-Comic-PART-3-19940229 Boy looking back at those, they sure did suck pretty hardcore. Im too embarassed to link part 1 or 2.

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