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SteamVR(server) issue

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Since couple of days I'm having trouble with SteamVR.

When I close IL-2 launcher the VR Compositor, VR Dashboard (32 bit) and VR Server stay active. In the Task Manager there is continuous activity going with these processes.


Also, the log file vrserver.txt in ...\Program Files (x86)\Steam\logs grows really big. Multiple GB! I saw this also reported by others on various sites. It's the VR Compositor that takes most processor time.


This causes also heavy FPS loss in IL-2.



- start Oculus VR runtime

- start Oculus software. Can't run without it anymore like I used to, no picture in the Rift without it

- start IL-2 launcher

- start sim, everything runs normal, fps 90

- stop sim

- stop launcher

- stop Oculus software and VR runtime

- SteamVR Compositor starts running wild,

- start everything again, VR Compositor keeps eating processor time, massive FPS loss in sim


What I tried:

- reinstall IL-2 (delete update dir)

- reinstall Oculus Rift

- reinstall SteamVR.

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