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LaGG 3 Series 29, 4k (Battle of Stalingrad) Template pack released - Including normal map and skinpack

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I'm very proud to present my latest template pack.


LaGG 3 Series 29 template, skinpack and 4k bumpmap are ready for download.  This template has been updated from the original 2K template with the following major enhancements (among others).

  • New rivets.
  • New panel lines.
  • New weathering.
  • Improved details.
  • New markings.
  • Any layers taken from original 2k are improved to 4k
  • New 4k Normal map
  • New Stencils

Skin-pack contains.

5x generic skins

  • 1x Green and Black Camo
  • 1x Green and Sand Camo
  • 1x Winter White
  • 1x Green
  • 1x Grey Camo


4k Template link (including alpha layer template)



4k Normal map link



Skinpack link



Thanks go to the creator of the official template, 1c Game Studios and of course 777 Studios for making IL-2 BOX in the first place.

Attached Thumbnails

Attached Thumbnails






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Really nice mate, well done!


In the future would be nice to see some historical 4k skins for the underestimated LaGG.

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@ICDP, I have found what looks like an error in the normal map. There is a small air scoop on each side of the nose. One side is reversed. The rivets are correct for one side but not reversed for the other side.




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1 hour ago, Trooper117 said:

The arrangement is correct...

There are rivets that "hold" the scoop onto the engine panel. On one side of the nose they are around the flanged edge like they should be. On the other side of the nose they are mirrored so the rivets that should be around the edge of that scoop are actually a bit behind it in empty space and facing the wrong direction.

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Ah, I see what you mean now.... I thought you were talking about the scoops themselves, sorry mate!

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